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A Grade Jade (Jadeite) Jewellery Bangles Bracelets Earrings and Pendants and Jewelry from the Far East. Including Jade Buddha, Jade Kwan Yin, Jade Pi, Jade Carvings, Jade Dragons,  Jade Cabochons & Imperial Jade.

A Grade Jade Bead Necklace (jadeite)
Material Jade (Jadeite)

Colour Please see the photo
Grade Natural (A) Grade Jade
Quality (2) For explanation
Translucency (2) For explanation
Lustre (2) For explanation As with all the photo's on the certificate's this is only for identification and you must not judge the colour by this.


The Photo's are nice but in reality the beads are nicer by a lot. The colour is brighter and stronger and the translucency certainly borders on a 1.

Length 20" Aprox
Size Bead Diameter 3.11mm, - 6.67mm, (109pcs)
  Weight 106.063cts,
Shape Round
Flaws None
Certificate Yes

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