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Jade Fish Pendant
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Jade Crucifix Pendant
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A Grade Jade Natural Jadeite Jade Jewelry  or Jade Jewellery,  Jade Bangles, Jade Bracelets,  Jade Carvings and Jade Pendants and Jade Jewelry from the Far East. Including Jade Buddha, Jade Kwan yin, Jade Pi, and Jade Dragons.
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l the links to every part of my site are on this page. March 2005, there are over 1,500 individual items making this the biggest best site for A Grade Natural Jade on the web today.

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Over 800 Pendants.

All individual items with much less than 0.01% of repeat items. Just about no matter what you buy it's imposable for your friend to have the same thing, similar perhaps. This is the reason that I don't have a shopping cart system, sorry. Just to much product to keep track of.

Probably The Best Stock Of Jade Anywhere in The World.

Please do let me know if you think I am wrong.

All Emails answered with in 24 Hours except Sunday or if I just happen to be away on a buying trip. If this is the case the info. will be here. So if you don't get an answer in this time please send it again. This is not a big corporate site - I love you to write to me about anything and you will get an individual answer. We are all individuals in this world and I believe that we don't want to be treated by a machine like a machine that just hands over hard earned cash. But if you just want to send me cash thatís OK as well.

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Free Advice about Travelling in Thailand.

Other offers are on my special offer page please read it as it does apply to you. There are no Mickey Mouse offers here just genuine discounts.

This logo is on each & every gallery page just click on it any time to see the latest discount. This discount is on almost all Jade on this site, there are now a few items at a NET price so please do look out for them.

Discount on A grade Natural Jade this month

I know I keep saying this but I have to say that 50% of the people who sent me cash in September 2003 sent the full amount with out taking the discount on my S/O page.

Now don't get me wrong that's not a big problem for me the extra cash goes to the Thai orphanage at the end of the month.

However I would hate to think the people don't buy thinking that the price is too high because of ignorance.

This is a one man band and I am proud of it, and it will stay that way no matter what, you get me when you write and only me.

You get as sensible an answer as I can possible muster about your query. If you should want to ring me there is no answer phone the mobile is best but please take account of the time difference I am 11 hours ahead of Eastern Time in the USA. If you have a beef about anything I will sort it, that's a promises from me to you. Please quote the relevant info when writing.

My sales Philosophy and why I do what I do.

First : The customer is King or Queen as the case maybe. You good folks out there keep me living in the beauty of Thailand instead of a grotty little flat in Garston a suburb of Liverpool England. What do you want? Because if it's in any way reasonably possible I have probably got it or can get it.

Second : You have me and only me, good or bad, but most of you say good. Please see to see what in fact you do say. On the 25/10/03 I had a very intelligent lady,  from LA, tell me recently that this one man band personal approach to selling on the Internet was the wrong way to go. I very much respect her opinion but on this I have to disagree. Because for the want of a better example I hate the approach of such as Amazon & the like. I for me anyway hate their approach, you are treated like a machine by a machine and you are just expected to hand over your hard earned cash with

little or no recourse or explanation of anything.

Third : I know how much I mistrust the likes of this media the Internet, all the crooks & rouges that are live on air in this media. So I expect you to be very much the same way. This is why I have spent a lot of time on my links like this & to give you good information about Jade. I have spent a lot of time on this and so you have at least an idea about me and my suppliers.

I know I have to build your trust.

Fourth : I have to say that a lot of this mistrust is eliminated if you pay for anything from anybody on the net by Credit Card because this makes them the vendor and the likes of me or anybody like me merely the shipping agent. This means that any recourse you may have is ultimately with them and provided you can prove that you have sent the item back, whatever it may be or whoever, you will get your hard earned cash back. That's a fact although

I fear that most people won't trust this statement. So check at your bank they will tell you just this.

Fifth : We have established that it's all a matter of trust and I have found that I can trust the good people who look in on my site so I offer to send most items on free approval for you to evaluate and either pay for or send back in a sort period of time. I have had this on my special offer page for at least three months now, as at  27/10/03. Do you know how many of you good folks out there have taken me up on this during that time? Of course you don't, that's why I am going to tell you; only one. I trust you and I will continue to do so despite being advised against it by others who do this sort of job, but with other commodity.

Sixth : The said lady from LA, tells me that you want a shopping cart system. This sort of system is very good for shall I say normal merchandise, the sort of merchandise where you have one ad. that will cover a stock of from two or three of an identical item up to millions of the same thing. However my site is full of beautiful one-off  type items, all individual as individual as you and me. That having been established the system is not much use on this site.

Seventh : I want your e-mails on just about on anything but especially about the items that I have for sale or perhaps, more importantly, the items I don't have for sale. Also about my site generally, especially about what you think I could do better. Seriously, I am a processional web man but I would not say a good one in the technical aspects of the system at all and only professional since this is the way I earn my living. I will take note and I will make alterations if I think you have a good point. Treat this as your place where you can go to see beautiful Jade. From this point of view it's a free service I offer and believe it or not, I like it that way. I am not a get rich quick or even slow man, I freely admit it in my younger days I was but that's all gone from my system now. The whole point of this site is to keep the wolf from my door.  I collect jade, wishing to share it with you.

Eighth : I am not a gemologist.  At 51 years old I gave up taking exams a long time ago, I'm not even a collage graduate except in motor vehicle technology but perhaps a graduate of the University of life. From this school I feel that I have graduated with an A+.  However, I would be very glad of emails telling me that am wrong even here. Gemologists. Hmmm - the ones I have meet freely tell me that they know nothing about Jade and indeed they would have to call in a specialist, perhaps even me. I will however say this I have traveled extensively in China on many occasions - have seen and bought tons of Jade. Indeed the amount of Jade that I have seen and examined would build a large mountain to be compared with any in the world.

Ninth : From this University of Life I have discovered as you can see on my about me page on that helping others brings great reward in itself, that is why I am now giving 5% of my total income to the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand. Please click on Fr, Giovanni Contarin's card to see what it's all about


Tenth : This for me now is what it's all about. Off the subject of jade now and on the subject of life. There are people everywhere, human beings, children that need our help. There are places on this earth that at the least, at this time are beyond any help, here I am thinking mainly of Africa, as I see it especially at this time this place is hell on earth. I use the noun hell purely as a metaphor as I am in no way religious. However from this you get my point. However these poor unfortunate kids can be helped, it's not their fault they where born infected with HIV. Indeed it's not even the fault of most of their mothers. OK so the men get it in the neck again and in a lot of cases it is deserved but again not all. I can, with you, help do something to help them. So please help me help them. I have altered my whole site because in October 2003 on the front page I had in your face HIV when my sales disappeared to almost zero. Now I guess I don't blame the people who saw this and clicked straight off because they were looking for Jade not a guilt trip. It was not my intention to give anybody a guilt trip at all but an awareness of the local situation here and a small chance to help, if - and only if - they felt that they could. OK at last you say this is the end and Fr, Giovanni would say ĎGod Blessí Iím sure. However I say this. Be good to each other. It is of no matter to me if you buy any Jade or not, you have the address on my site if you feel that you would like to help the kids. Just being good to each other will help the world and for sure at this time the world needs it.

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