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These are some of the E mail's that my customers have sent back to me after receiving there purchase of jade jewelry over

the last year or so.

Subject: JB154 etc. 
Dear Paul,
Just wanted you to know that I received JB154 last week. It's lovely and no problems.

I will look into passing the other one on and will certainly send you something, whenever that is. I say "whenever that is" because I have a couple ideas but haven't looked into them yet. So if you haven't heard from me in a while it isn't because I've forgotten or anything like that. I just finished school a couple days ago and that's always a terrible crush of paperwork and very little sleep. So now am recovering and just spending time with kids and husband--almost human again.

Got your July offer and haven't taken a look. I'm a little hesitant because in summer our funds are a bit tight. Planning a September, October sale? I'll be back, I'm sure. (I do want to just take a look at those
thousand dollar bangles though....)

Glad your move went relatively smoothly. I will take your advice and have a wonderful summer holiday. Yes, it is all about friends and family, being good to each other and enjoying life. Work is good but not when it gets so
hectic that there's no time to enjoy the rest of life. I've taught part-time and full-time and I've always loved--really loved-- my job and the students when I've worked part-time. For next year I've talked my boss into letting me work part-time again and in just the subjects that I know well (teacher shortage this year made us all into "good soldiers," and it was tough.)
Best Wishes, Paul. Thanks for selling good quality and reasonably enough so non-aristocrats can afford it.

I have gone through just a portion of your website and noted the following blind or erroneous links. There are probably more that I haven't looked at.
1) CHD1 picture goes to CHDOG1
2) DP159 picture goes to DP158
3) DP156 picture goes to ???
4) DFP-1, -2 & -3 pictures on the dragon pendant page go nowhere
5) MA108 picture goes to MA197
6) MA184, PD1 and many others have no pictures on the gold bails.
Like your product and will probably buy again one of these days, most likely PD1. Wish I had bought DP72. Do you sell the gold bails separately? Have a great day. Ken 

Well, Paul, I opened my mouth and inserted foot...wouldn't you know it..if I had of just waited one more day...but I didn't..the K1 Kwan Yin came today and it's really very nice. Infact it had a gold bail attached to it which surprised us as I did not expect if there is an extra charge for that let me know and I'll get it to you since you gave me such a good deal on it as it was. So, if you will, just disregard the top portion of the 
attached letter. By the way, I read about you in your mini biography, you've had an interesting life. I have a very good friend that I work with that is married to a thai and when he retires he plans on going back and living 
there. Well, I''ve run my mouth enough...hope your trip was a good one.. take care, la kon, Otto..
Am glad that it got here too. Sometime in the short future I will probably order one of your very nice bracelets, but gotta save up a little first. Hmmmm..are you sure you aren't related to Indiana Jones.... :) Yep, know 
what you mean about the hanging part.... well, take care... bye for now.. Otto

Hi Paul!
Ken (my mailman) delivered your packet to me safely yesterday. He brought it to my door and rang the bell and made me signed for my delivery from Thailand. He's funny; always interested to see where my packets are arriving from! Thanks for the quick delivery! The pendant is lovely! I've never seen jade that color for sale here; and the carving was very nice! Thanks again! marlene

Butterfly and mango,eh? It's nice! I think I'll indulge myself; of course I'll NEVER find blue jade earrings to match this, now will I? 

I would like to have a heavy bail attached and have used Paypal so I can get your 25% discount. I gave it a try-see on your website but your advert says if I want to use Paypal then go to the bottom but I could not find a link there to the Xcom site. So I've gone to Xcom directly. I hope I calculated the correct amount I should be sending as $88.25 (71.25 for pendant ($95 original with 25% off), 12 for bail and 5 for shipping). Please verify that you have received the payment and when you will be sending the pendant so I can keep an eye out for it. 
Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly. BTW, I am taking the summer off and am following your good advice!
So until next time have a really good summer holiday & if your come out this way please come & visit, plus with that in mind if you need any help with plans or accommodation just give me a shout & I will try & steer you in the right direction. Also don't work too hard, be good to one another & enjoy life it's the only worth while way.
I don't expect I'll get to Thailand soon but it sure looks to be an interesting place to be.
very best wishes, marlene ;-)

I just received the two jade bangles - this is unbelievably fast! I hope that you did receive my check. I still have items purchased in Dec, and still not received them - these are US sellers, and I thought these bangles would take at least 2 months.

The bangles are very nice. They are indeed natural, undyed. I'll go to your listing and see if I can find something else again. Thank you, Ruth

You are GREAT. I already told my friends how kind you are. I'm sure they will want to buy from you now also!
Thanks again, Lori

We received the Dragon Carved Bangle today, my wife is thrilled with it, Thanks Tom. I will post positive feedback, 

Dear Mr. Baird,
I received the jade fish pendent today and am very pleased. I have left positive feedback for you on eBay. Thanks for your help! Steve Clark

Dear Paul,
Dragon Pendant #61 arrived safely!! Thank you for another flawless transaction. As always, the item was far more beautiful than the photos, and I was impressed at the quality of the piece at this price! This is exactly what I was looking for as a gift for my boyfriend! I left good feedback for you of course! 
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year! Your Friend, Kristina

Dear Paul,
My jaw hit the floor when I saw this absolutely gorgeous Kuan Yin and Dragon carving that your customer returned!! I've seen some lovely pieces in my time, but this is the most exquisite I've seen outside of books and museums! The artistic detail, the sheer translucency, the color, I'm at a loss how anyone could be unsatisfied!! This piece is a true jewel and I'm so honored to have seen it in person! (wish it were mine! It's flawless!)
The item is triple-wrapped in bubble-wrap and put away safely, so no harm will come to it. How would I get started as a distributor? I haven't much money at all for start-up costs, could you give me more information?
Your Friend, Kristina

Dear Paul,
I have received the jade items. They are beautiful. Thank you. Regards, Low SB

Hi Paul: 
I have received this jade bangle two days ago, and it's a very good quality one, thanks. 
(but the color is not that popular, cause most people don't know of the quality of the jade make the price a big different, they only care more about the color, which is what people will see from some distance) 
Best Regards Sam S 

hi. I just wanted to write and let you know that my lavender saddle ring arrived today and it just beautiful. It wasn't that I thought it wasn't sent..its just that sometimes the mail is not reliable..if you know what I mean? I never thought anyone was trying to cheat me or anything like that..I hope you understand.

Thank you so is even more beautiful than I anticipated! The picture on the website can't really do the lavender jade justice..its just so much more pretty in person! I really look forward to doing business with you in the future! Thank you again so much! Have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Tracy Byrd

Dear Paul, 
First, may I say "Thank You" for responding to my concerns personally. And I will accept your offer. And education is a wonderful thing! Apparently, I need to educate myself on the different grades of Jade. I've been very lucky so on my purchases on Ebay auctions. The color of green (on my monitor) , and the ring I received, were very different. I know that usually every effort is made to give a true representation of an item digitally. I look forward to viewing future items you list on ebay! You are a stand-up guy!
Again, "Thank You" ! Best Regards Diane Sinnett

I dead chuffed to learn that you've gone high tech! I like my bracelet and I'll be back for more qfu9

Dear Douglas:
Sorry about that slip up on your name. A replacement check is in the mail. I received the jadeite bracelet and it will make a wonderful gift. Thanks, Paul Taylor

Thanks Paul! I received the men's jade ring today and it's beautiful. Thanks for the quick shipping and your informative e-mails. Thanks so much. I'll put some good feedback for you in ebay. - Patridk Saenz

Hello Mr. Baird,
I wanted you to know the jade pendant arrived today, Sunday, by US Express Mail. The pendant is very beautiful and I am glad I got it. I held it in my hand and was struck by how 'warm' it was - it felt very good sitting on the palm of my hand. I LOVE it and thank you very very much. You do not need to respond to this email, as I just wanted you to know the pendant arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again. Sincerely, Claire Treat

Hello Paul,
I received the pendant and the bangle today and I am happy with them. Thanks again and I also left you with 2 positive feedback. I'll keep looking at your ebay listings. Merry Christmas, and most probably I'll shop
from you again in the New Year. Good luck at ebay! Pansy

Received items in excellent condition. Beautiful jade just as shown in your scans. Have left positive feedback for both. Thanks. Neil D. Hesketh 

I received my barrel slide yesterday, and the color is stunning. Thanks for such fast service and will leave positive feedback for you. Thanks again. Janet Haggerty

Dear Douglas,
Thank you, for informing me that you received your payment. I really like your auction service. Your processing time of the order is very fast! I will leave positive feedback for you also on eBay. I am looking forward to receiving this jade bangle. This has been a great eBay transaction. Thank You, Diana Mason

Hi Paul - you are the best - thanks so much for helping me out with the feedback. Honestly, I really, really appreciate it. I enjoyed doing business with you! Fran

We rec'd the beautiful ring and carved bracelet yesterday ! I think I will truly enjoy these pieces of jewelry ! Thank you and thank you for returning the check ! Sheila Miller

It arrived today and looks wonderful.. Marg

Hi :) 
I just wanted to leave you a note saying that I got the jade bangle in the mail today! :) It's beautiful! Thanx much :) Sharon 

Received my bangle today 2/2/2001. It is beautiful!! I really love it. Did not think it would be this good of quality. Thanks again!!! I am always interesed in oriental jewerly, especially dragons. If you do an email listing by any chance, add me to it. Thanks again!! Sincerely, Lisa

Hi Paul,
I got the bracelet today. Wow! That was fast considering that it came from Asia. I would really do business with you again. You are trustworthy. Lilia

Dear Paul,
The bangle arrived today and I did send the $7.00 for shipping but the check has not been cashed as yet. I'm just wondering if I had the correct amount for postage? Let me know if you did get the check and perhaps it was not
cashed as yet? The bangle is beautiful and fits perfectly. Love the touches of lavender within the piece as well.
Thanks so very much, Diane

Dear Paul,
How are you doing? I'm fine. I have had so many compliments on my Kuan Yin/Dragon pendant. I don't ever take it off. I'm needing a cab size 15 X 11 or 16 X 12, nice dome in a color like what is in the file I'm sending you. Or very close anyway. Can you help me?
Best to you, Cathy

Tried to leave very positive feedback last friday, and when I checked my auctions today found out it wasn't there. I guess ebay is having some problems. Here, they are again. I hope they "stick" this time. We loved the jade, thanks again.

Hello Paul, this is Karla from the bay area. WOW! Your information just keeps getting better! Just keep up with what your doing and it will help me greatly in teaching classes on jade. It is especially great that you have some of the fake stuff (bangles) on the same page as the real.My students see it right away, and from that point on they are better able to shop with confidence.Please do not stop having the fake stuff. After I show them your web site, I pull out some fake stuff and Dyed as well. I let them touch and look at it closely.I also have some jades that have been injected with polymer colors. Could you possibly get some of these and put them on your page as well? Also everyone is always asking about lavender jade. I do not know if your aware of the amount of dyed and fake lavender jade that is out there. Here in the bay area it`s every-ware. If you could put a fake or dyed one next to a real lavender with the proper pricing, it would surprise and educate a lot of people. Thanks for the great job. I`m VERY proud to have you as my supplier. I`m really not just wanting to chat here, I have an order for you, if your not to rushed with your moving. As I sell more, the quality and quantity will increase.
I wish to use Billpoint, but the logo for it is not working on your page. Would you send me an invoice from Billpoint? Paypal will only let me charge 1000.per a 6 mo. period. I only use a cr. card for all my purchases, that way the credit card co.will go to court for me, at no charge to me, if I ever have any problems with a vender. I apoligise if this is a hassle for you. Let me know if theirs an easier way for you. Thanks, kjaseus.

Dear Paul,
Got your parcel in very good time and in v.good condition- 3 days time. THANK YOU! Specs for the 2 bangles on order:
1. Carved White Bangle: 2 1/8".Prefer carved raised patterns or flowers, D shape profile for comfort fit.
Colour must be white as possible- NO greys, browns or green tones.  Jadeite Untreated.Lavender or purplish colour in it or tones are OK 2.Carved Black bangle: 2 1/8" D shape profile for comfort fit. Colour- all black  jadeite, untreated Both bangles can be oval in shape instead of the regular round. Hope you can find them! All the Best & Have a safe journey, Julia

I had already left you feedback & shown co-workers your ID when I read this!! Don't I get some feedback as well?? Thanks, Judy

Received the pendant yesterdy , my wife loves it,! You have been left positive feedback.
Thanks Jon

Hello from interestedinmin.
So happy to have gotten another item from you. I love my ring that I previously purchased from you. Your shipping methods are quite good also. I have made my payment for the item #461171920 - natural jade
dragon bangle by VISA credit card on PayPal today 10/14/00. My PayPal confirmation number is #500180.73370. I look forward to receiving the bracelet. Thank you. Barbara Rafferty

Hi Paul 
Got the bangle and pendant - just beautiful - thanks for a great sale. I left feedback for you- would appreciate some too Kathy

Paul -
thanks for taking so much time with me. I don't want to put you to any trouble..but I would like it if you would put some m ore of your bangles - open and closed - up for bid. Of course, the danger always is I won't win. Good for you, icky for me. but I am anxious to see what you've got. I'd have to see your grainy one again, however. Not sure. Most of what is sold on eBay is junk, I suspect. What I'm interested in - like my diamond, i guess - is clarity (which with jade is how much you want to spend) and I'm willing to entertain any number of shades of green. I don't like the idea that it might have been artifically tinted.. so grade A. thanks again
Jessica (abtip) "toughest cheap sale you'll ever make" Berman

Received dragon & mawsitsit pendant in good condition. Left positive eBay feedback. Thanks, Ken Sander 

Dear Paul:
Although I would wish the bangle is round without the D shape, I like what I got and I decide to keep it instead of sending it back to you. As I mentioned it before, I would like to get a round one for my Mom. She happen to need the same size as I got. Would you please let me know when you get a round one with inside diameter is 2 5/16".I like the quality of jade bangle you sell. I will refer your website to all my friends. However, they just like me prefer a round one without the D shape. It is very nice doing business with you. Best wishes, JaLo

The beautiful Tagua Nut eggs arrived safely today, and are about to join other eggs in my curio cabinet. Thank you for the smooth, pleasant transaction. I have posted your feedback. Isabel Carter

Dear Paul,
I just received them today. Thank you very much. Hung Nguyen

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much! Svetlana

They are nice. I will leave EBay praise. thanks, Jim

Thank you, Paul, for letting me know. Nice doing business with you. Yours, Geni...

Hi. The pendant arrived Saturday. Thanks Frances Ferguson

Hi Paul,
The ring arrived today and it is quite lovely and does fit. However, you should know that the package arrived in SHREDS. I think I am lucky that the ring box was still inside. You might want to think about shipping in boxes.
It was a pleasure to do business with you. As you know, I had wanted another lavender jade ring for YEARS. Please keep me in mind for beads or dragon pendants. Best regards, Tina

Thank you very much for the free beautiful jade pendant that you sent to me. I do not know the item number of this pendant. I like to leave a positive feedback for you if you can send me the item number.
Thanks again. Eshin Chen

Dear Douglas,
You make me laugh! That's the best recommendation you can have! Elaine

Thank You! Don Bell

Dear Paul,
Just wanted you to know that I received JB154 last week. It's lovely and no problems.

I will look into passing the other one on and will certainly send you something, whenever that is. I say "whenever that is" because I have a couple ideas but haven't looked into them yet. So if you haven't heard from me in a while it isn't because I've forgotten or anything like that. I just finished school a couple days ago and that's always a terrible crush of paperwork and very little sleep. So now am recovering and just spending time with kids and husband--almost human again.

Got your July offer and haven't taken a look. I'm a little hesitant because in summer our funds are a bit tight. Planning a September, October sale? I'll be back, I'm sure. (I do want to just take a look at those
thousand dollar bangles though....)

Glad your move went relatively smoothly. I will take your advice and have a wonderful summer holiday. Yes, it is all about friends and family, being good to each other and enjoying life. Work is good but not when it gets so
hectic that there's no time to enjoy the rest of life. I've taught part-time and full-time and I've always loved--really loved-- my job and the students when I've worked part-time. For next year I've talked my boss
into letting me work part-time again and in just the subjects that I know well (teacher shortage this year made us all into "good soldiers," and it was tough.) Best Wishes, Paul. Thanks for selling good quality and reasonably enough so non-aristocrats can afford it. Diane

I did manage to pick up the jade form the Post Office. The screw up was at their end. You had addressed the package correctly. Looks great! Thanks! Eric diamond

hi -- thks -- sorry i did not getback to u sooner. i think i may bid on the other bangle -- i like the carving.
thanks, di p.s. -- please leave feedback for the first bangle! :) thanks again! di

Thanks! I hope I can buy little bit every month from you. see you next month then. Debra

Hello Paul, 
The jade rings arrived today. What a difference in travel time. Bidpay or paypal seems the way to go. 
Thankyou, Lynn Thornton. 

I recieved the pendant...and my Mom loved it!!! Thank-You...Left feedback for you.Chris

Yesterday I received the Jade. It should fit just fine. I left it for my jeweler to work on and I am out of town, I will let you know if he has a problem. Thanks, Brad 

Hi Paul, 
I received the bangle. It is very nice. would buy again in the future. Thank You. Bich Le

Hello D. Paul,
I received this bangle yesterday and wore it today. Thanks. I'll post the + feedback to eBay. What's new?
-Barbara in San Francsico

Dear Paul,
Just wanted to let you know I received the Jade Ring and it was lovely. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Bonnie

Hi Paul:
Thanks a lot, my wife received the bangle on last Thursday, and We both like it very much. Especially thanks for the delicate box, make it looks very professional.
I personally thanks for you time in purchasing this box, and make my wife very happy. I will like to do business with you in the near future. (2.5 to 6 month time period)
Best Regards
ps. You might want to change your web site, make the bangle sold, to stimulate people's thought and confidence in purchasing your high end bangle.

Dear Paul,
The 3 bangles reached me this morning. They are beautiful and they definitely are natural. I should have bought all my other pieces of jade from you. These other pieces now look artificial! Thank you very much. And take care during your trips to  Best regards, Low Shim Boon

Hi Paul,
I received the jade pendants this morning. I really love MA15 - the craving on the grapes is quite amazing. I'm sure my sister will like it. Going to give it to her tonight. Thanks again.
Have a good day! Regards, Phoeung

Way Cool Dude, Hey, what can say, but thanks so much. Karla.

Dear Paul,
Just let you know I received the bangle on Wednesday, thanks for your help I only taxes $35.75 Canadian after duty,excise,Gst,Pst,and handling. The bangle is beautiful the color always look different if you go under different lighting. After I put it on it give me a very solid feeling I love it. I hope I will do business again in a near future and I will always recommand you to my friends. Thanks! Vivian

I got it, nice piece. Thanks Ping

Dear Paul:
Thank you for your respond. I received item jb#140 this moring. It is very beautiful.^^ It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,

Dear Paul,
I have received JB311 this morning , I have been bought many jade bangles from different vendor but my aunt said it's no one is real. This is the first time my aunt said it's real one when I show her the jade bangle received today ,she is so happy and take the bangle going to show her friend , I know what will happen later on . Thank You Paul !Best Regards Goo.
Dear Paul, I received the bangle and it is absolutely beautiful. I apologize for taking so long to let you know but I have recently moved and my mail has been rerouted so I just received it a couple of days ago. Thank you so much and I will continue to check your website. Warm regards, Renee

Dear Paul,
I have received all the Jade bangles 9/22 , all are very nice bangles ,Thank you ! Best Regards Goo

Dear Paul,

I am writing this for people who are thinking of buying jades. Hope it will help buyers to decide whom to trust. 
I started looking for a jade bangle or a pendant about 2 months ago. It turned out that I bought more than one bangle and one pendant. I heard people told me that once one starts buying jades, one would want to buy/own more. It is definitely my case. When it comes to jade, one wants to own more than just one piece because of its natural beauty in color and stone touch.  
However, there are many fake jades in the market as Paul mentioned in his home pages. When I say fake, there are fakes in quality, meaning many sellers are not even selling  jadeite as they claimed. And there are fakes in colors, meaning the color are dyed or enhanced or treated even when sellers swore to you that the colors are real. If you spent time writing to sellers like I did, you would find that many jade sellers who do not even know jades and they told me that they know their jades are real because their source said so. So, how much truth is in there? 
I have relatives and jewelers helped me identifying real jades. Jade bangles that I bought from Paul are real jades with undyed or untreated color. I have read reports saying that acid treated jades may cause from minor skin burns to skin cancer. So, be careful of what you are buying. I know that I do not want to wear anything that could cause me health problems. From my experience, very few internet sellers are selling untreated jadeite. My advice is to know your seller before you buy anything. And, you definitely could trust Paul!  
If you are thinking of buying from Paul. You definitely should go ahead without doubts because Paul is honest, patient, generous and trustworthy. Paul guarantees that one will get the quality what one paid for. It means that the more you paid, the better quality you will get. You won't be cheated. I do plan to buy more from him. Paul would help you to get what you are looking for and you won't be disappointed. He is the one who would go all his way to make his customers happy. So, Happy shopping without worrying. I believe that you will treasure your jades that you bought from Paul as I do. And, remeber when it comes to jade, pictures sometimes can not show its true color or quality. So, email him and ask him if you have questions. Then, you will be sure that you will get what you are looking for and you will be happy. And, if you don't get your order within 14 days, don't worry, it will come. My shipments took between 21 and 22 days. I hope that you all find what you are looking for. Best wishes to you all. 
Sincerely, Yen-Lih 
I have to add a poscript to this one these items where shipped just before or shortly after September the 11th 2001 so delays where quite possibly due to security in the USA.

Dear Paul,
I want to let you know that i received all items today. They are beautiful, thank you. Best regards, Ha Ly

Dear Paul,
I have received JB170 on monday 01/10 , It is so nice and the cert are so standard, Thank you very much .
Best Regards Goo.
Thank you Paul, it will probably arrive in the next couple of days.  The bracelet is beautiful, thanks again.  Regards, Paul
Paul, the fish pendant arrived today in great shape.  I greatly appreciate the quality of your goods and services.  Thank you again.  Regards, Paul Parker

Dear Paul
I have received JB299 last friday , it is very nice jade bangle . Thank you Paul ! I will make order next month .Best Regards Goo.

Hi Paul
I have to say that you are the best! Very nice jade bangle! Sincerely Elven

Paul, Just wanted to tell you that I received the pendant. It is beautiful and I am a happy customer. I will check in with your web site regularly and continue to look for pieces for gifts. Please keep me in mind if you do find a Jade Bi per my previous email to you. Thanks.Calvin

Hi Paul,
I had received 2 bangles JB316 and JB187 on Friday. Both of them are beautiful and excellent quality.
I like very much specially the 3 colors bangle Green , Honey and Violet. Hong

Dear Paul,
I have received my JB359 and JB360 this morning , just one day to wait, very fast shipment , when I open out WOW !! very rare ! gorgeous ! Paul , I don't know how to say , I am too happy , Paul , This is what I want , for me it is rare then diamond , hopefully you will get more this sort of jade bangle at your site .
Thank you again ! Best regards Goo. Fyi : Next month will buy JB362 .

Just wanted to let you know that I received the latest order yesterday and that I am very, very happy with each piece. I want to say that the special bale that you had applied on the lavender "Bi" was perfect and I do appreciate your extra effort in getting that done. I did send you more money via PayPal to try to cover the extra expenses. Please let me know if that wasn't adequate. And while each pendant is beautiful, the Strawberry pendant is exceptional. The carving with the color variation is better (again) than the picture indicates. A real work of art. 
I hope your travels go well for you and I continue to review your website for new pieces. I must admit that there is never a time when I don't see something that I want to buy. Let me know if you find that "Bi" that I've been looking for. I am convince that if I do find it, it will be through you. Happy holidays. Thanks again.Calvin

Hi this item is beautiful, I love the translucence of the jade. but I have two questions: How do I measure for a bangle? I do not own any to compare to. Also, what is the cost of shipping to the USA,
approximately? Thanks, nototo

Hi Paul:
This is for the JB50015
Thanks a lot for your quick tacking with the Item, My wife received the JB50015 yesterday, and it's exactly as your web page described, she like it very much, same for the high quality Box that contains the jade bangle, it's quite worth the money. Best Regards Sam 

Hi Paul
This is for the JB50003,
My wife received the bangle, and it's in great condition, and nicelypackage. We like the way you ship the bangle and the certificate separate, so that it's more secure for us. Thanks a lot of the good communication, will buy from you again later Regards Sam

you're right, i'm not so great at converting b/w the two systems (i can use one or the other, but going back and forth, bleah). but, either way, it's small, but it fits, and worth every penny. thanks - katrina
Paul, Aloha it's Melody from Hawaii. I just received my bangle JB248. Wow talk about gorgeous! It's a beautiful bangle. Thank you. Will be buying from you again and again. Melody
Aloha Paul,
I received the Beautiful jade bangle today. It was certaintly worth the wait, I will leave favorable feedback thank you, Wendy

 Hi Paul, 
I received 4 pendants MA 249 , MA 75 , DP 211 and DP 201. All 4 pendants are beautifull and
excellent carving . This is my 2nd time that I bought from you . In your web site you have alots of 
beautifull and original carving jade pendants  for sure I will buy some jades again next time. Thank you, Hong

Dear Paul
My order arrived today - just in time for my daughters' birthday tomorrow. Thank you so much for shipping it so promptly. The carved rat is exquisite - what a perfect gem! The white jade bracelet is very lovely and I'm sure it will be treasured (and worn) for a long time. Thanks, Jean Pulley 

Dear paul
the little dragon in jade (DP 190) just finnished to travel. It's gorgeous, i thank you a lot...and will contact you soon...Belgium

Hi Paul, What an outstanding braclet! It does fit. Proably a little to big but I don't care It won't fall off and I'm sure there's a flaw there somewhere (because you said so otherwise it would be a lot more)but I can't see it.
Hi Paul,  I received the pendants today(10th may). Gosh that was fast!! Many thanks they are really lovely. I shall recommend you to my friends. Hope to purchase some more in the future. I hope the house move went smoothly and wish you happiness in your new home.
Thanks Once again  Carole

Hello. I received the two jade bangles JB 470 and JB 476 that I ordered. What else can I say except for how pretty it is, and what a deal with your 25% off! Thank you again. Always enjoy visiting your website. Melody
Hello Paul,
How are you doing?  Long time no write.  I've been real busy and just got a chance to check out your site.  The new pictures you have on your site look great - very clear.  Your product selection is also very good especially the carving on the pendants.  
Regarding my past purchase, I took my sister's pendant to have a white gold bail put in at my friend's jewelry store (this is the grape pendant).  My friend said it is the "real" jade (no dye).  My sister is quite happy with the confirmation.  Just want to share this with you and your customers.  Now, I can recommend people to buy from you with confidence.
Dear Paul,
I just got back from being away for a week...your bangle was waiting! It's beautiful and it FITS perfectly! You're a prince! Thanks for the great personal service.

Dear Paul,
Pendant arrived safely this morning, and my friend is very pleased with it. Thanks for arranging it all!
Hope you are settling into your new home happily.
Kind regards Janet Moore

Dear Paul,
I just receive the package today.  I couldn't wait so torn the package right at the post office!  The jade pendants are beautiful!  The carving on F103 is beyond description - the fish looks like a real mud fish swimming on lotus pads.  This pendant is like a mini 3D sculpture!   You can actually see the little strips on the fin and scales on the fish skin.  The craftmanship is just incredible!  As for the eggplant pendant MA231 the details of the eggplants and the leaves are so elegantly carved.  The gloss (translucence) and luster of the jade is almost clear.   I'm just so pleased with this purchase! You made my day!!!!
Thanks for the tip regarding Phuket.  I just saw alot of photos of Phuket's ocean and rocky mountain peaks and I think the place is amazing.   I also heard about Phi Phi Island and Kho Samui.  I love to travel and want to go there someday!   Maybe in a couple of years I will go there.  Ahh. . . don't you wish money isn't an issue in life?  
When will you  have your next special sales like 25% off?  I'm saving up some money for a couple more pieces.  Paul, do you also do wholesale?  About how much off your current price can you offer and what is the minimum number of pieces do I have to buy?  10 pieces?  15 pieces?  20 pieces?  Or do you base it on dollar amount?  I am mainly interested in pendants since it is alot cheaper than bangles - people are more willing to spend on less expensive items.  Also,  I don't have to worry about sizes.  You have such wonderful products and I want to buy and sell to people I know.  Greatly appreciate it if you can give me some feedback.  Thanks! Regards, Phoeung          
Hi Paul, I received the Tiger and Buddha this morning. They are really lovely. Thank you once again for such a great service. Kindest Regards, Carole

The pendant arrived yesterday afternoon. Thanks a lot. Even my husband thinks it is neat ;o) (That is saying a lot). I am so addicted to this stuff that you will probably hear from me again. Thanks again, Rosalie
Dear Paul, Hello. Well I received items  F99 and MA214 today and I must say that I am so pleased with it. The carvings and the color is so beautiful. Thank you once again. Melody
Received MA 125 in good order. My wife is very happy with it. Thank you. You have good stuff. We look forward to getting more.

Good Morning Monsieur:
I have received the pendants and I am very pleased with the quality of the pieces. Thanks again.
Regards Christopher S. Hendricks

Dear Paul,
The pendant (MA276) arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. The carving is charming, the color is different from the other one and it looks good hanging from a black leather cord. What more could I ask for?? I am very happy with it. A bit of a surprise in that the photo did not show (or was difficult to discern) the little animal carved on top of the fruit. That was a nice surprise.
As always, I will keep checking your website for new items. I was looking seriously at the Kwan Yin carvings but noticed that the best one was sold. I will keep looking at that area. I do like the more detailed, beautifully carved ones. All the best and many thanks again, Rosalie Hardy  

Hi Paul--
I received the QuanYin pendant and it's beautiful! It came on Monday (the 18th). I appreciate doing business with you, and will order items in the future. I love your website--very informative. Lydia 

Hi Paul!
I received all 5 items just fine. Thank you. Wishing you all of the very best- Tony

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I just recieved the jade bangle and bracelet today. They are both beautiful. Thanks. Pam

Good afternoon mr. baird. the quanyin arrived on time and is as beautiful as described. best wishes, phil collis

Dear Paul,
I received all the Dragon pendants and Flower pendants today. They are beautiful jade pendants. Thank you very much for the great deal you gave me, definitely i will buy again in the near future. Best Regards, HLy

Hi Paul: Thanks to the postman, I've got the package yesterday. Bangle is pretty. I love it. Thank you. Best, Shan

Dear Paul, I recieved the jade bangle yesterday. It is lovely. Thanks again. Marina
Hello, Postman came yesterday with my bangle. What can I say ? If I am absolutely chuffed to the gutties with this one ( which is a perfect fit ) then I simply cannot imagine what the mega expensive ones are like. When I have some spare dosh and deserve a treat , I will be back for a third piece of your jade. Keep up with the stories though ; great reading! Thanks again, Jenny

Hi Paul, Well today was the day. I received my bracelet and I have to say that it was well worth waiting for. I could not believe how beautiful it was in person- way way better than the photos online even! The small size is perfect (2 of my friends helped me contort my hand so I could get it on to wear permanently!) Thank you so much for everything Paul!! I am sure we will do business again soon. Thank you! Bonnie 

Hi Paul:
I received both the jade Fish pendant (F108) & The jade bangle (JB50016), both has been packed carefully, and as usual thanks for a excellent box for the jade bangle. they both arrived in excelent condition. They are as good as you displayed on the internet. Your quality is as consistent as befoe, will purchase from you again. Thanks and best regards Sam

Hi, I received the pendant MA248 yesterday.The pendant is really beautiful. I will purchase  some items again.
Many Thanks Hong

Hi Paul,

I've been meaning to e-mail you sooner, but my computer was on the fritz. I received my bangle only 8 days after you sent it and I'm very impressed. It took a little time to put it on my wrist, but it fits beautifully. I want to thank you for your assistance. I think that I will be purchasing from you in the future! Sincerely,

Hi Paul, Over here it is Thanksgiving day- so I just wanted to take a few moments and say Thank you for all you do for the jade trade and e-bay! I'm not sure if you guys have anything like this, but from me to you happy thanksgiving day!!- Bonnie


Dear Paul Thanks for your writing.You are no steinbeck but I always get this real easy quality relaxation period after reading your stuff.Im like transplanted to another space and time when I read about your adventures. Thanks,stay well Merry xmas Marco Ortiz

Paul, I received my order on Dec..5th right on time. I am just now able to tell you this because we had a terrible ice storm in the southeast USA  , our power was out for 5 days and we just got our cable/DSL connection on today. I am so pleased with the bangle. It fits perfectly, it is so beautiful, and the transaction went perfectly. I would recommend you highly to any one interested in Jadite. Your web site is very informative, and every thing you say is right up front.
Thank you and Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays,


Dear Paul,
I received jcb 5 today.  It is a real beauty.  I don't know if I got the best deal (I wonder if anyone else bid!) but I am happy with the bangle.  I could tell the difference from the other less expensive ones I've ordered.   Thanks again.
Hope you are well and everything is OK, since your UK trip was cancelled.  Take care of yourself and yours.  I will look into your site in a few months or so.  I'm on the mailing list so I'll be aware of sales.  In the meantime, Best, Diane

Dear Paul,
I just want to thank you for sending the pendants so quickly.  Wow!  The carving on these pendants are just amazing!  The carving is very unique and original - I haven't seen anything like this in Asia or here in the U.S.  The details is impeccable.  You can actuall see a frog and a fish on the lotus petals (both side of the pendant).  The pendant is also thick and come in a perfect size.  The color of the jade is very translucent and lustrous with a tint of green imperial jade.  I also love the little bean MA229 so smooth and lustrous with fine details.  The color of the jade is green with blue pastel shade to it.  I am so happy I purchased these two before anyone bought it!!!!!!!!!! offer best quality, design, and price when it comes to fine genuine (A grade, natural)  jades.  The main reason I keep on buying from you is because I trust your jades are natural and real with no color enhancement whatsoever.  Thanks for offerring such lovely pieces.  The pieces I got from you are the prettiest and best quality so far.  I will be back for more!  Happy New year!   Cordially, Phoeung

Hi Paul-
  I just finished reading your "new" e-mail with January sale offer. I especially enjoyed your description of your weather there. The palm trees, and the variety of shades of green. The reason it sounded so enjoyable is that I live in Schenectady NY, USA. This is in upper New York state  and since Christmas we have had 70+ inches of SNOW!! We have so much snow we have run out of places to put it. They are predicting another 3 inches overnight tonight and at least 2 more inches for tomarrow night.....So please enjoy your balmy weather and think of us here in the North east part of new York.......           Patty Miner

Dear Paul, it was so nice to hear from you again. God, what a bummer- all of the crap you have had to deal with - with your computer and all… Well, please kkeep the stories coming- they are great! also great are your jade deals- crap! Now I will have to shop some more!!!! Happy new year!! Bonnie!!!! 

Aloha and thanks for remembering me in your emails, Paul. Quite and intriguing life you lead! Best regards and will be visiting your auctions/site soon, Margie in Maui


Hi Paul,
ere is this bangle that I really like, unfortunately with the discounts it still come up to about 290, which is still too expensive  Is it possible for you to sell it to me for 230? thanks, Hui

Hi Paul, 

I've long been wanting to purchase a jade bracelet, and finally started looking around my local department & jewelry stores.  The more I looked, the more I realized that I really didn't know anything about jade, and wouldn't have any idea on what I was buying. 
To make a long story short, I started doing some investigation, and found your web page.  I sure enjoyed reading all about jade, and seeing all of your beautiful bracelets.  I see that there are many grades of jade, and that translucense and lustre are key elements of the stone, and greatly affect the value of a piece. 
I feel I know a little bit more than when I started, but do have a question as regards the price differences, in seemingly the same grade of bracelet.  As an example, two of your items, numbers JB426 and JB564 are both Grade A, with translucence of 3 and a lustre of 2.  There is a major price difference between the two items, however, with JB426 priced at $690 and JB564 priced at $190.  Does the price difference have to do with the color variation?  Or is the jade in one bracelet simply a higher quality, although rated the same? 
I'd really appreciate anything you could tell me, as I see many lovely bracelets on your web page, and am looking to buy one very soon.  (As soon as I can make up my mind!) 
Thanks in advance for you response, Lorree Go
Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for the quick response!  The two items that I mentioned were primarily for a comparison to understand the pricing differences.
What I'm actually looking at to "get my toes wet" are items JB50012, JB50014 and JB50018.  With the 35% off sale this month, it gives me the opportunity to buy something a little nicer than I might otherwise be able to afford.  So, I'm going for it!
I did have a couple of questions -
On item JB50018 - on the initial web page, it lists at $2200, but when you click on the picture, it shows $4000.  Which is the correct price - and is there an import charge that I should be aware of? 
Also, how do I figure out what internal diameter will fit my hand; my hand measures about 4" across.  (I'm 5' 9" tall, so have hands larger than some) 
I'm looking to eventually purchase both a lavender and green jade bracelet.  Green is my favorite color, but the lavender bracelets are so nice that I can't resist starting with one of those. 
Once again, thanks for all the great information, you have a great web site! Lorree Go


Hi Paul:
Thanks a lot for your professional service, I received the bangle two days ago, and the color is great, (I'll write a separate email within two days for you to put in your customer email feedback) However, there's one problem, the size is a little too small for my wife. (I screw up myself) I like the bangle, and will keep it. (My own thinking) In order to compensate my wife, I am thinking of buy her another one, and give her a surprise (She already have Too Many good bangle), I am thinking of JB50014, which listed for $3100.00 I don't know of if it's proper for me to asking for
something like $1400 to $1500.  If it's not possible, that's O.K. I'll leave until next time, if you have some other color good bangle available.
Hope your business prosper for the whole new year. and I will definitely do business with you again sometime later. (need to conserve some money, the overall
economy is not good, have to save for the future) Best Regards Sam
ps. don't list this one in your customer feedback, I'll write you another one, listed the bangle I purchase and describe the excellent feedback to you. Too Late Sam
Hi Paul:Thanks for your kindness to give me a good price, I just place a order for the JB50014, total amount of $1450.00 don't forget to give me the certificate and
as usual, a good wooden box to put the bangle in. I'll also notify you in email when item arrived safely. Also, please give me an tracking number so I can track it.
Hope my wife like the surprise!  and good luck to you and your girl friend/kid.
Regards Sam S
Hi Paul,
The dragon arrived today, fantastic!  Okay, now I'm going to try my luck again maybe?  Sharryl (ie the boss) was born in the year of the tiger, and her b'day comes up next month. What can you do for me on pendant TG6  ?  Sorry Paul, I know I can be a bit of a pain! Also, I want to buy jade ornaments HKJ20 and HKJ28.  Can you hang on to them for a couple of weeks for me? Thanks Paul, talk to you soon,
regards, Phil

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the email.  Hope you are well.  The party sounds nice with all the food!
I enjoy reading  your stories as usual.  Yes, I can relate to the story about the baby girls.  That's the bad thing about the Chinese culture.  My aunt has 8 daughters and one boy but she didn't give any away (age ranging from 50 something to 30 something - all born before the one child policy).  The daughters seem to be smarter and work harder than the one boy!  However, in general, they don't like baby girls because girls are married "out" and become someone else family members.  The husband's family is the "inside" family and the wife's family is considered the "outside" family that's how they define family which I find pretty strange since I don't live there.  I didn't see the "in" or "out" since they're all family.  Overall, China is changing but slowly.  I spoke to my cousin who has only one daughter and they're happy with the daughter.  They live not too far from Guangzhou.   For March, will you have 25% off or 35% off?  Your website still said 35%.  Just checking.  You have alot of stunning pieces (no comparison to anyone out there with the cool carvings).  Too many pieces I want . . .might get something later.  Bye now and take care. Phoeung

Hi Paul,
Thanks once again for your indulgence, I hope Sharryl will love this tiger!(TG6)
I have just paid $75 plus $14 for the 3/5 day delivery thing. I remember you said I get postage at cost, so I hope that amount is right, but if not i'll catch it up on my next order if thats ok.
I guess you meant there is only 25% on the jade ornaments, not 50%, is that right?  No problem if that is the case, and yes I can imagine shipping is horrific on heavy ornaments.  Would you hold on to the two ornaments I mentioned for a couple of weeks for me (HKJ20 and HKJ28), because the 'boss' won't let me buy any stock at the moment! Thanks once again Paul, you are a great pleasure to do business with.
regards, Phil 

Hi Paul,
You certainly came a long way with your website.  It is so much better than the way it was when I first saw it.   I like the way you broke up the pages making it loads alot faster as I browse in and out of each item.  It used to take a long time to load, especially after looking at each individual and going back to the multi items page.  
One more suggestion, is there is a way to set the link to change color for Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 AFTER the page has been viewed?  For example, if the page has been viewed (clicked on), the page number changes from black to blue color (or other colors).  I know most websites do this to help guide buyer to the next page.  I don't know how to do it but maybe your web guru can help you out.
Yes, you have some of the best carved pendants on the planet!  I am very happy with all the pendants since they're all so unique, rare, intricate, and beautiful. Happy Easter! Phoeung    

Hi Paul P20 Arrived today… Thanks. Appreciate your helpful attitude… What I saw was what I got , fast and stress free. ‘till next time… wishing you all the very best Cheers --Kevin


  Hello ! I made an order for the bangle JB648 on the 24/04/2003.Your parcel arrived today (07/05/2003) in perfect condition. The bangle fits my wrist perfectly and it is beautiful !
Thank you very much ! On your internet site, I didn't see any "Two Carp" jade designs symbolising a
good relationship. Do you have any ? Laure

Hi Paul, I just received the DP251 and JB512.. they are lovely! It is good doing business with you.

Kind Regards, Serene

Hi Paul, Hope you're having a great weekend.  I received the package in good order today 5/24/2003.  The certificate came yesterday.   The bangles are gorgeous!  I like the small width (thickness).  This is a good purchase because it gives me an idea of the size and width of the bangle so I know what to look for next time. I like to get another one later on - maybe a lavender round one since I don't have one.  As for the pendants, they're beautiful as usual!  I am going to give those two red ones to my brother.   I will keep my eyes on your website for more thin bangles.  Thanks again for your generous discount plus taking care of my order. Regards, Phoeung


Hi Paul, Thanks.   Just to let you know that I received the pendant today (the one you sold me last week).  It is very pretty.  I have put a very unique 14K bail on it and will wear it with a hand-made Italien chain.  This is a very pretty piece of jade that I couldn't put down, but wanted to "pet" it over and over again, so smooth and translucent and I love the carving art work on it.  Thanks for selling it at such a nice and affordable price.  To tell the truth, I couldn't have afforded it at its full price. Thanks again,   Esther


Hi, Paul, Received the bangle today, it's beautiful, fits me fine. Thanks. Julie

Dear Paul: 

I am pleased to advise that I have received the order below.  Thank you very much for your prompt service.  Again I am more than happy with the quality of the jade you supplied me.  I must admit I was very apprehensive in ordering jade over the internet, but your website with its clear photographs, detailed description of the jades and the assurance that no substitution will take place convinced me to place a trial order.  I am glad I have not been disappointed.  I congratulate you for creating such an outstanding web business site and for your professional service. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.  Please also include my home email address (******** in your computer so that I am notified every time you update your site. Kind regards. Ernie Wong


Hi Paul, I have received MA261.. thanks.. It is lovely... cheers, serene

Dear Paul;

I received the package today. Thank you so much! They are very, very nice. I love them. Only the bangle is a little to big for me. I will try size 2" next time. Thank you again. Well, I have another question. A friend of mine brought a bangle from a local jewelry store. She didn't tell me the price, but it looked expense. It is super translucent, gloss, almost like glass. She was told it is natural jade, no treatment. What do you think? I don't believe it is real, because jade is stone not glass, right? tracy


Hi Paul, I have received the P24 and the MA381. They are lovely and I like them very much. Thank you. By the way, I noticed that you haven't put a "Sold" on the may want to so that others won't put a wrong order in.. Thanks and Kind Regards, Serene


Hi, I got today the Jade Bangle JB755 I order last week. Super fast shipping!, Thanks. I LOVE the Bangle!, was great to do buissnes with you. Thanks again, Eveline Patrick, USA.
Dear Paul, I have just read your latest newsletter with GREAT interest, and I have to give you top marks for trust and faith in human nature! I have perhaps half a dozen customers I would trust in this way, but I must confess I'm not too sure about dealing with somebody I don't know personally and who may be half way around the world. I certainly applaud this move of yours, and sincerely wish you the very best of luck for the future. Enjoy your trip to China, talk to you when you get back! regards, Phil


Hi Paul, Just a quick note to let you know the bangle arrived on 10/7/03, safe and sound.  This is quite unusual to take so long for delivery and I was concerned there might be a problem with customs at first. Fortunately, no duties or tax is levied. The tracking no. was also never updated. Anyway, the color of the bangle is absolutely beautiful, just as good as your photos on the web!  I am very happy with such a great keep them coming!     Thanks, Grace


I just opened the bangle and it is beautiful!  It appears to be perfect in every way.  Thank you. I wanted to let you know that I will be away for the next week. If you let me know what to do with the original, I will take care of it as soon as I return. Carol


Thank you Paul,  I am very glad to have talked with you.  I am awating a bangle I just purchaced.  It will be my first real jade bangle. I think you have done a swell job of informing us all about jade. Your products cannot be beat!  You have great taste. Sherry

Hi Paul! I received the jade bangle today. Like the crocodile hunter would say,"It's gooooorgeous!!!" Thank you and have a nice day!!!


Dear Paul! I just want to send you this e-mail to say thank you very much, it's a blessed for us (buyer) to have someone nice, kind and honest like you on this earth! I love the Jade bangle, I am so happy to get it. This is my first beautiful bangle, I enjoy it so much, can't help looking at it all the time. Thank you for giving me an excellent price too! again thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!! I sure will have a good words for you and will buy from you again!!! please have a wonderful day.  Kimanh


No worries Paul, I received the bangle yesterday- it's beautiful, I'm sure my girlfriend will love it! Thanks for the quick and smooth transaction, I'll be recommending you. Thanks again Paul. All the best David

Dear Paul, I don’t know how and when the bangle got on my desk where I have not been for the last couple days. Probably one of my relatives left it there without telling me. Anyway, I want to let you know that the bangle is beautiful, I will surprise my mom sometime this week, I am sure she will be very happy with it.  And thank you for the great deal on such beautiful bangle!!! Best regards, HLy


Paul... just picked up my bangle (JB830) from the post office and it is beautiful - thank you!  It does wear larger than I'd like, but I don't know that I could get anything much smaller over my hand without massive pain!  So again, thank you and please feel free to list me as another happy customer! Smiley emoticon
Alison Rogers

Hi, Just to let you know that the jade Dragon pendant is lovely and stunning! Thanks once again. JEFF WONG (UK)


Dear Paul, I received my MA232 pendant today.  My God in heaven it is wonderful! I will cherish it for a lifetime.  It is a nice and thick substantial piece of jade. Thanks once again! Sherry

Hi Paul, The mailman just delivered the lovely bangle.  Nice even apple green.  Perfect sizing that fits me well this time.  Thanks again for everything. Regards, Phoeung

HI Paul, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write. This Is our Labor Day weekend (official last weekend of the summer), the weather people said it would rain every day, so no one planned any parties until last minute (it hasn't rained yet). So we went from having no plans, to how do we fit everything in. So I woke up this morning and said I'm writing now. It's 7:45 am here, nice and quiet. The bangle is lovely, very substantial, the colors are a little lighter than they looked on my home and work monitor, very subtle, but quite lovely. I'm going to try to pay it off my credit card as soon as possible, I'm looking forward to buying more Jade. (I think it can be quite addicting) It has been a pleasure doing business with you, I will definitely recommend you to anyone who might be interested in Jade. I check your web site every time I go on the computer, I have certain favorites among all your jade (not just the bangles) and I like to notice when they have found homes. Take care, Terry


OK... third time is definitely a charm!  I received the JB1264 today and THOROUGHLY inspected it- it is flawless.  And it is the most beautiful bangle I have ever seen.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU!  I will put JB1252 in the regular mail to you tomorrow. Best wishes to you and thanks again.


Dear Paul, Received jb1299 and it's quite lovely--even nicer than the picture. Thanks--and I'll be back. Best, Diane

Hello Paul Just a very quick note to say that your package just arrived and I am really pleased with the pendents. Thank you David


Hi Paul, Just wanted to say that bangle JB1454 arrived and it looks great! It's a good match with my girlfriend's other bangle, which she's gotten lots of compliments on. Anyway I'll look forward to doing business with you again -- and btw I think you're doing a really nice thing with Fr. Giovanni and the St. Camillus Foundation, and I'll plan on contributing. Take care, Morgan


Hi Paul, Received the beautiful bracelet today in the mail.  The bangle's color looks a richer green on your photograph, but I figure its under the perfect lighting.  Nevertheless, I love the bracelet, and it fits perfectly.  Now, I have to put it away until Xmas morning.  Thanks for a smooth transaction and fine packaging.  You are right, I had no troubles with customs with this type of shipment.  THANKS! 


Hi Paul, I got the quan yin pendant from you already and had also written out the 5% check for the foundation.  Your pendant looks wonderful.  It's the best carving I've ever seen.  I am hoping you have another pendant like item ky83 you would like to sell because I love that carving of quan yin.  Please let me know if you have any other pendant like that one in your collection I can purchase as soon as possible. As for the auction, I was hoping you could put item jb1217 up for auction.  The list price is $190 USD and I am willing to make an initial offer for half that price.  Please e-mail me back about the quan yin pendant and whether or not I won the auction.  Thank you very much! Best Regards, Quynh


Paul, Thanks so much for the prompt reply to my order.  I placed my order on the site you listed.  I did not include shipping as I was unsure of the amount of shipping for earrings.  If you could please let me know how much to send you I can do that by credit card or by cash or whatever you would like.
Again, thanks so much for all your assistance and for the work you do for kids.  My Aunt was a Maryknoll Missionary who spent most of her life in Taiwan.  She was 83 when she passed.  She spent her life working to make the world a better place and it sounds like you and she are kindred spirits.
Lots of success to you and your family and our prayers are with you for the work you do. Sincerely,


Dear Paul I received the bangle today, it's really beautiful, thanks.  I look forward to doing more business with you. regards Lindy 

Dear Mr. Baird, First, let me say thanks...I received the pendant [DP342] and it's awesome!!!! Thanks also for the bracelet you enclosed. Please add me to your mailing list Thanks very much again. Sincerely,
Bob Metcalf


Paul,  I received my jade bangle and bracelet today , it's so beautiful , I'm quite sure that I will come back to you very soon , again , thank you for your execllent service. Regards Yifeng


Hello, Paul.  I think that you are on a buying trip, but I wanted to let you know that I picked up the bangle today at the post office.  Funny, it took less time to travel from Thailand to San Francisco (AND pass through Customs) than to travel 25 miles from San Francisco to Oakland!  It cleared Customs (no problem) on January 8 and must have had a holiday until January 13, when it made the short trip to the Oakland facilities! It's BEAUTIFUL -- much, much better in person than any web photo could ever be.  I'm very, very pleased.  Thank you!! Hope that your buying trip is successful.  I look forward to seeing your new items on the web site! By the way, I now understand the power of liquid soap and how one could wear an even smaller bangle (and even be able to remove it)!  So, I could consider a bangle somewhat smaller than 2.5" D in the future.  However, no question that JB 1282 fits very well and looks great!  LOVE IT! Best regards, Nancy
Hi Paul,
Received your bangle today.   Wow, blows my mind that the beautiful bangle arrived just 7 days from Thailand to Canada.  Thank you so very much for packaging it so well and shipping so quickly.   I am extremely happy with the bangle.  One last thing, I love my two bangles so much (bought #JB716 previously), is it considered bad luck to wear one bangle on each wrist?   Is there special meaning when you wear two bangles?  I guess I'm a tad bit superstitious. Thank you! Lisa from Canada 


Hello Paul, I received this bangle and it looks much nicer than the picture. I wear it all the time. Thanks so much and I am willing to purchase more jadeite from your web shop. BR, Qin Sun

Dear Paul, Just want to let you know that I received bangle JB1270 yesterday.  It's very beautiful.  Thank you. Best regards, Sing


Mr. Baird, I have received the bangle JB1531.  Thank you very much.  It is beautiful. Best Regards, Satthya N.

Dear Paul -

I received my pieces yesterday - thank you ! May I just say they are both absolutely exquisite - I had no idea they could be so beautiful - the dragon is a jewel - like you said even much better than your photographs (and your photographs are good in themselves!) - I am extremely happy and satisfied with them and thank you again - it is an absolute pleasure doing business with you - will keep checking your website and we'll speak again soon ! Will advise you when certificates get here ...Kindest Regards Daniela

I just got my bangle, and it's beautiful.  I can't believe how quickly it arrived.  Thank you very much for great service, a beautiful product, and entertaining stories of Thailand.  I will enjoy doing business with you again.  Kristina

Dear Paul-san, I received the bangle #1494 today! As you mentioned, It's much nicer than the photo. As soon as I opened the box, I exclaimed "WOW!" in spite of myself. It's really so very beautiful....!! And it fits me perfectly. From now on, I make this bangle my lucky item. Thank you again for allow me to buy such a beautiful bangle at such a low price, and sent me so quickly. May I write to you and talk about jade sometime? I wish I could. (^-^)Itsuko

Hi Paul, The item is here, it is very beautiful.  Thanks again!  I will come come back to shop once I save up enough $$$$. Katherine

Hi! I received my lavender jade bangle today, and wanted to let you know it is lovely. Thank you for your help! Take care, Maren*


Dear Paul, Just wanted to let you know that the bangle arrived a week ago (I'm a little slow e-mailing you) and it is just lovely!  Couldn't believe how quickly it came and how nice it was wrapped!  My friend Tuyet was delighted with it.  I was pleased to get her something from her homeland.  The only problem is....I want one too!!!!  I am currently looking at a few and be expecting to hear from me soon.  I am also saving my pennies for a pendant.  Thanks for such an easy transaction! Happy Trails, Jennifer (or as my friends call me, Jen)


Dear Paul, I got my package yesterday, thank you, that was fast. They are all beautiful. My officemates loves the necklace beads, so if you have any new ones let me know. Have a good day! Imelda
Hello, Paul.  The package full of wonderful items arrived this morning.  I knew that it had arrived in San Francisco on May 19 and was in Customs.  Next thing I knew, it had cleared Customs and was "in transit."  Last time, it took longer to get from SF to Oakland that from Thailand to SF.  This time it was all super fast.  Amazing.The package mailer had a rough trip.  Something had slit it down near the bottom (vertical slit near the seam) but none of the jade was missing or damaged in any way.  The certificate has a cut in it, but that's all.  Can't imagine what happened to it, but the important stuff was well protected The Buddha (BUD 27) is absolutely FABULOUS!  You are not exaggerating when you say that things look better in person than they look in the photos.  It is a killer piece.  And the money pot (OP 140) is amazing: it's so thick and still so transparent.  Love the shadows formed by the differences in color (as you described when you wrote about the piece) and the 3-dimensional nature (carvings on both sides, rounded edges).  Just curious: both the Buddha and the money pots have a little animal on the top.  It has a longish tail (maybe) and roundish ears.  Any idea what it is and what it means? The fish has very neat carving.  It's very cute and a good value.  Even more, it makes me realize just how wonderful the jade is in both the Buddha and the money pots and the spectacular values of both of those!  The bangle is - well, really what can you say about a beautiful, shiny, A-grade jade bangle for $89 other than "GREAT!!" Very impressed by the gold bails; I wasn't expecting them to be of such high quality and so well finished - no sharp edges at all. So to make a short story very long, I am, ONCE AGAIN, a completely satisfied customer! Best regards to you, Nancy PS - seriously, I'd like to know what the little animal is: a bat? but it seems to have a tail (maybe not) a rat? 

I received it Friday. It's beautiful...will contact you again!! Thanks. Marsha


Hi, Paul- Thank you for your reply. I got the pachage today. I looked EMS webpage that's whyI couldn't check the number. Anyway, I like the pendants, especially bi shape. Thank you very much. I will do buisness with you again! Best regards Noriko


Sawadee Kha! I am happy to report that bangle JB880 arrived safely to me in Oklahoma City this morning and I am now happily wearing it.  It is perfect and very dramatic with the natural variations in coloration, saturation and translucency! One fraction of a mm bigger or smaller and it would not have fit, but it is just right.  I do look forward to dealing with you again. Khop chai lai lai! --Doris Butler, fellow round-eyed na dang (smile)

I decided to be a bit smart this week, and I sent you a $45.00 for P30, I should be able to pay the rest next Fri. I received JB1769 today, and it is unbelievably beautiful. It is so much prettier in person! Take care, Maren*


Hi Paul I received my dragon this morning and just thought I'd let you know how beautiful I think it is. I am delighted with the jewellery, the service and the free bracelet enclosed and wouldn't hesitate to point people in the direction of your website in the future. Kind regards Stuart


Hi! I wanted to tell you again how much I am enjoying the beautiful jade bangles. I got JB1769 yesterday, and it is very pretty. JB1764 is probably one of the most exquisite pieces of jade that I've ever seen. It is incredibly translucent, and the little dappling of emerald spots in it is just gorgeous.
Take care! Maren*


Dear Paul My dragon!! (DP257) has arrived safely. Absolutely beautiful, you are right about the quality of the carving being so much better than the photo... it looks stunning witht the light behind it, so much detail. A pleasure to do business with you. Kind regards Andrew

Thanks, Paul, got it today and it is lovely, perfect, beautiful. --Melissa

Hey Mr. Baird!! Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the pendants arrived here today and they're awesome!! Thanks very much!! Sincerely, Bob

Hi Paul, The item is here, it is so BEAUTIFUL, even better than the picture on your website. I love it!!! Thank you Katherine

My dear Paul, The beautiful lavender bangle and pendant arrived today (It’s tooooo fast, Paul!!!:)JJ I almost cried to see how beautiful they were, and I just couldn’t believe it that they were mine!!!!! What a very special birthday presents they are. I really thank you to make them affordable to me, your friendly service and kindness to make my so many years dream come true. I wish you all good luck and happiness, don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back! You are not only pretty face, but also pretty heartJJJ Kindest regards, Lina

Hi Paul~ I got the bangle! It is beautiful! The problem is - I put it on with the other one JB1881. They looked beautiful next to each other, and now I adore both of them!!. I think I've just won frivolous asshole of the year award..... what do I do now?????????? I'm trying valiantly to figure out a way the dislike one of them or figure out how to rob a bank or old lady without getting caught.............. any suggestions? Take care! Luv, Maren*

Dear Paul,    I was absolutely stunned, as was my wife, with the beauty of the piece of Imperial Jade we ordered from you.  We purchased item number DP481 which was processed on December 21 and we received it today, December 29, 2004. I tip my hat to you, Paul, for being everything you said you were on your website and am looking forward to seeing your new line after your next buying venture.  I am also looking forward to doing business with you in the future.  Many thanks again. Sorry for all of the trouble in your part of the world. My heart goes out to you and your fellow countrymen in the aftermath of the Tsunami tragedy. I hope all of the kids at the orphanage are faring well. With best regards, William


Hi Paul, The package arrived safely on New Years Day.  It was opened in Customs, but it appears everything was stuffed back into the envelope and not rewrapped as nicely as I am sure you had it.  I have the certificate, the free necklace, and the gorgeous pendant.  I am very, very happy with it.  It is just what I wanted. Thanks and I hope to do business with you again. Pamela

Hi Paul...the bangle has arrived and is lovely as expected...and thank you for the nice necklace..that was a surprise...I look forward to future purchases....Nancy


You are a very interesting man.  You gave me royal hell for sending you pictures of my horrible jade piece  which supposedly took you an hour to download and said you'd pay me to take it away...I have never been so totally chewed up and spit out!...and then this e-mail.  I am actually on your e-mail list?  haha...Well looks like you have a heart after all after reading this.  I'd like to meet your sorry ass some day but that will never happen. In the mean time, keep that tender heart pumping. dianne

Dear Paul,  Hello, I received the bangle yesterday (Saturday) in the mail, and it is really beautiful. It really is a shame that cameras cannot capture beauty the way the human eye does. Thank you for shipping it so promptly. Also, I want to mention the necklace that came with it is really beautiful too, so thank you for that as well. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you again. Carolyn

Received my delivery this morning of the two bangles.  I'm very pleased, thanks very much! Kind Regards Sharon


Sirs: The purpose of this message is to let you know that the pendant arrived today in good condition.  It is very attractive, and I would like to express my appreciation for your very prompt and courteous service. Regards,


Hello Paul, I just received my beautiful jade bangle... it is lovely; I can't stop looking at it.  Thank you so very much.  Warmest Regards Suzanne


Hi Paul!  Just wanted to let you know I received my beautiful bangle today.  I can't believe it came in only 5 days...better service than from many places in the US!  It is beautiful...thanks! Aloha, Jennifer


Dear Paul~ I got them both today, this was definitely one of the best days of my life! They are both so incredibly gorgeous, I can't get over it. Luckily I don't drive, or I'd get into a wreck because of staring at my wrists! I could go on and on about how much I adore them, but I'm sure you knew that I would. Thank you SO much!!!! Luv,
Maren~ your biggest fan!

Dear Paul, Today was like Christmas to me! I love The Foo Lion and Fish! It is a pleasure to have your jade! So beautiful indeed! And... the unique bracelet... that was a BIG supprise...just what I wanted! Paul... thank you so very, very much...I am very pleased and proud obtain the real beauty of Jade. Hope your days going well my friend. Tom

Paul, I received my DP504 yesterday. Do yourself a favor and please emphasize the beauty and craftsmanship in each piece. I am in awe at the detail of this dragon, from it's teeth to the scales on it's stomach. Your sales technique of talking to your consumers without over doing it is wonderful, but please, the quality of the piece and the craftsmanship involved exceed anything you said on the website! Your delivery time was as you informed me, and the pendant was well packed prior to shipping. You can expect to see my name again on another order!! Thank You Paul, and please pass along my appreciation to the suppliers and craftsman involved in this product! Glenn

12:30 PM Eastern Time, Friday, May20. I am pleased to advise you that DP181 arrived today. As expected, it is absoultely beautiful, probably even surpassing DP 504 in it's radiance. I truly hope prospective buyers take the time to read the letters sent to you from your buyers, as they do clearly & honestly represent the products you provide. I am indebted to you for your kindness and courtesy. Thank You! Glenn

Hi, I was just writing to let you know that I received a bangle that my husband ordered for me as a later Mother's day present and I love it, it's really beautiful and is more that what I expected, you can't really buy anything of this quality for this price in the States, I' m already looking for another one, maybe a white one.

Thank you very much Maria
Hello, again, Paul:
    I am very sorry that you had that bad experience with that man.  I am so glad you put his name out there for all of us to read and know who he is.  That was most dishonorable of him to do that to you because you are such an honest person yourself and truly trusting.  You are very fair and a truly good person (you look after all those children), but just as you say there is always one.
    I always enjoy reading your web site - it is so informative and you tell us so much about a part of that world that fascinates me no end.  You take the time to be nice to us, tell us a lot, and are really sincere about the quality of jade you sell and educate us so well.  Also, I read your travel info avidly and believe ever word (you were the first person to tell me the food was not good over in Asia - I was amazed to read that because every travel writer says the opposite, but I believe what you say) so thank you so, so much for putting all that out there for those of us who care about your travel, your jade and the wonderful work you are doing with those children (that really peaked my interest).  Believe me, I would never know about this otherwise.  I am Catholic and I never read anything about this on-going work in my church in Connecticut (USA), but I do read about other charities.  The first experience I had with worldwide missions was through Maryknoll Missions here in New York.  My parents subscribed to their publication and I would read it monthly from cover to cover at home in Connecticut.  Perhaps you have heard of them, too.  They do a lot of good work across the globe in places nobody goes to or seems to care about.  In any event, you care and do a lot and you sure have your priorities straight, Paul.  That really impresses me.  In today's world where there is so much greed and selfishness, you are a wonderful exception.  I recently read in The New York Times of teenagers being unhappy if their parents do not give them the latest iPod or cell phone or whatever and the parents said they feel guilty of they do not give it to their teenagers.  I thought to myself as I read that article, where are their values today.  It is sickening to read of such spoiled people and such foolish parents indulging them.  That's how bad it is here in America where everybody thinks the world revolves around them.  I am ashamed to say it, but it is true.  Reading your web site is a revelation - you are out there actually doing good and it is a pleasure to read.   
    Thanks for sending me the latest listings - I really like three of them :  P142, P144 and P146 - deep green - beautiful color on all three.  Are these also 50% off and can I barter for all three?  I bought from you earlier this year and was very happy with my piece.  I have to go a little easy spending this month because I am having my house painted after a really bad winter and I have house taxes coming up this month.  But, like everyone, you dream of beautiful things and jade is my thing.
    Sorry to write such a long email, but I am here in my office very early in the morning when it is peaceful and quiet and I enjoy responding to your latest listings.  Hope you are well.    Donald

Hello, Paul, I received JB1416 today. Thanks for sending it so quickly and trusting me. I won't "stiff" you like the person you wrote about in your newsletter. Some people are just like that, and I am sorry it happened to you. You have had years of experience with jade, and you do get the certificates from Hong Kong, but I am wondering about both of the bangles you sent to me being natural color. Do you think perhaps they have been cleaned with acid or something to make them translucent? I am sure the carvers are very clever at enhancing, and would like to know your personal opinion if you think they are natural, because you have seen more jade than probably any one else who sells it, and you have seen the changes in the jade, natural and enhancements, over the years.  So please let me know if you think these are really completely natural. I will need your address to make my return. I can't make it out on the envelope. I don't criticize people's handwriting, because mine is terrible and I will have to print out a mailing label so it is neat enough to be read! Thanks, Paul. I appreciate your trust and honesty. Kathleen

Hi Paul, My parcel arrived today.  The bangle and beads are fabulous, the bangle is on with help of a good lathering of soap and never to come off. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and fabulous jade. I will
be in touch again when the budget allows. many thanks, Lindy

Dear Paul; The goods arrived safely yesterday, and DarlingWifeRita is beside herself with joy. We couldn't believe that a second jade wrist band was also enclosed. Was that a packing mistake? Either way, you definitely
'made Rita's day' Paul, and mine as well. It also amazed us that your package arrived so quickly. We mailed two packages on the same day - the one to you, and one to our daughter in New Jersey. She received her
little parcel only two days sooner! Now, THAT's (Thai) mail service!

The second bangle is a perfect match to the first one. I've had more compliments in one hour than I've had in the last whole decade put together, thanks to you (yes, there IS something right with the world!).

If you don't mind, I will supply your web address to Rita's friends who've been admiring the original jade bangle. Wait 'til they get a look at the second bangle and the wrist band!

Rita asked me the other day if you were affected by the Tsunami. She was relieved that you hadn't been affected by it. There was a piece on the news yesterday about all the 'back-packers' who have flooded Phi-Phi Island to help the locals rebuild. Most of them are coming from Canada (gotta love those Canadians!).

The problem with the world today is that our politics have become unbalanced since the fall of the Communist Empire. In nature, when a predator species dies out and the predated species reproduces unchecked
(think "Hawks and Mice"), there is hell to pay. Today, the Capitalists are the mice. They are over-running everything. In Australia they use Strychnine to check the hordes of mice, so there must be a way to
derail the the Capitalists and their 'toxic greed' as well. Here in the USA, Bush & Co. have long overstayed their welcome, judging by his plummeting popularity and job ratings. Yesterday, Rita saw a bumper sticker that said "Impeach Bush". Could happen! Wolfensohn has already fled to safer havens (becoming CEO of the World Bank). And don't you just love the fact that France derailed the EU? Brussels is a hotbed for Greed & Power in Europe. It's about time they were handed a plate of bitter vetch!

Well, sorry to have gone on so long. Thanks once again for your helpfulness and good will, and please let me know about the wrist band. Best wishes, Herb

Hi Paul, have received the jade piece and cert.  The jade is simply beautiful.. Thank you so much for making it affordable to me to own such a nice quality and beautiful piece of jade.. considering another buddha piece..but price is out of my budget range and feel shy to make another offer since I know you have already given me a very good and special price for KY110.. Thank you so much. David

Dear Paul, I wanted to let you know that I received the jade bangle today and it is absolutely beautiful.  I know that I will be buying from you again in the near future.  I would like to look into a more expensive purchase this time - I read on your website that you will work with the customer on an offer and/or allow us to benefit from the montly special you have.  If so, I know what I would like Santa to bring . . . Take care, Amy

Hey Paul, I just received DP337 and it`s wonderful; I really wanted DP480 but only have 2,000. maybe sometime in the future ( in your dreams). So any way, I order F97 for my wife I think she`ll like it. I must say I haven`t seen good Jade here in the U.S. or anywhere else. Thanks again Paul and here`s a Foster and a couple of hard boil egg`s to yea.   Your new best friend ( this is what it sound`s in the customer`s letters ); Thanks  again   Allen


Hi Paul. I received my beautiful Dragon and I could not be more pleased! He is exquisite! Thank you for all your help with my order. I hope to be less trouble on future orders! Mia

Hi Paul, The pendant arrived this morning, and I guess it is really a lucky pendant: I had a very profitable day at work. Exquisite comes to mind as a description. It’s more than I hoped. Thank You, Vaune


You know when you been looking for that one thing, that one item that you been looking for all your life; well, DP480 is everything you said it would be but,it`s even more beautiful in real life ( in hand ) I was very surpise in the Masterwork on this piece. The photo did not do it justice. Why is it when a person receives one of your jades " It feels warm", " It feels like it belongs". I looked all around, on the internet; else where and I can`t find jade like your`s ! I  believe because you go to Hong Kong and the others don`t; simple. who want`s low grade- cheap jade at a high price. Oh well I`m starting to sound like a commerical- It`s strange I paid you and your getting all the reward. Hey Paul, I was in Thailand 30`s year`s ago and I loved it the food , the drink`s and acourse THE HONEY HOTEL. Seriously, If I may say- I hope the best for you and your wife and all the people at the orphange; please keep-up the GOD loving work ; and is we both know the children are taken care of in a good postive way Allen    

  Paul : I received my bangle today and it is absolutely gorgeous!!  Thanks again! -Dorothy


Paul, Just a short "thanks!" for sending the beautiful bangle and the wonderful necklace too!! I certainly wasn't expecting that - it's beautiful and Julie thanks you too. Take care sir and it's been a pleasure doing business with you and you can be sure of all of my future Jade business! David

Hello,  I recieved the jade I bought from you. I really like both pieces. They are BY014 & OP237.  They are both very nice.  I like the carving. It's beautiful! I also like the colors and the feel of the jade.  The translucency is wonderful!. I am very happy with the pendants. Thank you for the gift of the bracelet.  I like it also.  I think you have a great site and do a wonderful job of explaining jade and the process of finding, grading and carving, etc. I really do think it  is the best jade site on the web.  Thank You,  Diana


Paul, Please feel free to add my letter to your testimonial page. I have been meaning to write this since I got it, but just haven't had the time. I absolutely LOVE the bangle I bought from you. It's the loveliest bright apple green-white and I was so thrilled to get it. Thank you for your honesty and the integrity with which you deal with your customers. I am delighted to have found your site and you can be assured this will not be my last purchase from you!  Yours Truly -Jeri Louisiana, United States

Dear Paul, The Buddha pendant was just delivered to my door, and I couldn't be  more pleased with it! It is just lovely, and every bit as beautiful  and exquisite and hypnotizing as in the photo. It is practically  glowing! I don't think words could do it justice. I have been looking  at the photo of this little Buddha every single day since I first lay  eyes on it, just over a month ago (which is not that long really, but  it feels like a short lifetime). I fell in love with it right away. I  knew every detail of its appearance by heart - even before I opened  the package, and yet the real thing is beyond my expectations. (And  I'm not all that easily pleased.) It is worth every penny for sure  (and would have been without your very favourable discount, too). To feel its cool weight in my hand, and see its translucent shine in  the sunlight.. well, I can't put into words how it makes me feel, but  it brings a smile to my face. I'll wear and treasure it always. Thank You so much for all your help and excellent service! If I ever feel that I would like to buy another piece of jade, I will  most definitely return to your site. Kind Regards, Camilla Sweden


Dear Paul,  
Just wanted you to you know that I received the Dragon Pendant Saturday! Thanks for
the safe quick delivery! The item was far more beautiful than the photos, and I was truly impressed !  I also like the bracelet you  picked out. As always, everything  is just perfect!   Your so great!!!   Many thanks!!     Joyce

HI!  I got my bracelet today and I could not be happier!  The picture does it no justice thank you so much I love it.  I don't want to take it off!!! Erin


Hi Paul, feel free to use this quote on your website: Thank you so much Paul for answering all my questions and sending my pendant so quickly. It's even better than the photo, I couldn't be happier. Nigel
Hi Paul,
I have received the pendant from the postman today. It's fantastic, especially the delicate flower carving. I just can say, I love it I love it I love it. I'm sure that the other pendants on your list are also beautiful, but unfortunately I don't have all the money to buy them .Thank you so much for your fantastic service. Kind regards, Sylvia

Dear Paul, Just a final word to say that everything, including cord, arrived in time for Christmas; and the lady of the night was very happy with the pendant. No problem with the Belgian customs. With all good wishes for the New Year for you and yours as well as for the charity which you support. John

Hi Paul, The jade pendent arrived today. It's a fantastic piece and your
gold work on the bail is excellent. If you use my comments on the website
for the readers enjoyment. The pendent I bought is lavender with a vein of
brown and a vein of green running E to W thru the pendent. It's roughly
60x40x10 mm's. My wife Miriam will love it. It's her biorthday present for
this month. I've talked to a few of our Boys Home Alumni and they are
donating to the orphanage. The Tucson gem show just kicked off on Saturday
while I was in the hospital at the Tucson University Medical Center being
tested for a possible transplant. Good news, They think they can manage my
internal pressures with drugs and my new pacemaker. At least I'm able to
walk now slowly. I'm a happy guy Paul. Now if you had a men's pendent for
good luck I'd be set. Thanks again Paul, Mike, AZ


        Dear Paul,   Just to let you know that my bangle arrived this week and I am absolutely delighted with it. Many thanks for the prompt despatch and your kind way of doing business.  I look forward to buying something from you again in the not too distant future I hope!  Best regards,     Marilyn





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