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Jade Kwan Yin & Dragon Pendant
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Dear Friends

I have not put this page in because I don't want to receive Email from you. On the contrary please contact me directly about anything on my site or anything really at   Especially if you have a problem with any part of my site, as this is the only way I can make it better if I know about what make your teeth grind. I will add to this page as time goes on and different questions appear in my email.

I am putting this page here in order that you can save your time because I do realise many of you are busy people and it's just a matter of consolidating information that is already on my site. Remember when you deal with me you deal with Me and only Me.

Please just click on the hyper link for the answer to your question. If you don't find what you need to know there please get in touch with me on

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any references from satisfied customers? Yes Please see.

What shipping will apply to the item that I am interested in? & here as shipping may just be Free.

How can I make payment for this item? or here by Credit Card.

Why do I have to pay in United states Dollars?

Will I have to pay import duty or local Tax?

Where can I find your latest Special Offer?

Where can I find the discount this month?

Who are you and where do you come from?

What size bangle will fit me?

Can you make this bangle bigger for me?

Does the carving on this pendant mean anything?

Where dose the Jade come from?

What is my Chinese Zodiac Sign?

How do I know that your certificates are genuine? Jade testing lab web site direct.

Do you have any bargains on the auction sites like Ebay? No.

Do you have any information about (Strange Name) Jade?

No ! please click on this Hyper link for a lot of information about real jade. If the Jade that you have hared about is not on this page it just is not real Jade. &

Why should I trust you as just an individual on the Net?

I quite agree, I wouldn't do it. Or at least I would not have done a few years back. This year a Thai friend of mine wanted some parts for a Lambretta scooter he was re building and I got him some parts over the net from a man in the UK.  They arrived and all was fine, but the only way I could deal with the guy was to give him directly my credit card details that worried me a lot but all was fine. The worst one's that I have heard of are the big ones though, the Amazons  and the like as there you are just another punter  and every email is dealt with by another person or, worse still, just a computer. Those I really hate. Check out my order page on http//  You don't send me the details of your card I don't want them at all. You deal direct with the credit card company or a secure server.

I started trading this way over three years ago now. At first dealing on E-bay my stock then was all at around the $50.00 USD mark because I was convinced that nobody would be crazy enough to send me any more than that over the Internet. Then on one of my trips to Far East I came across a really beautiful bangle; it was expensive but it was really beautiful, so after much umming and arring it was mine. I wanted it as a show-piece, not even thinking that would ever sell it. In fact I was convinced I would have it forever. But it was so nice I didn't mind that at all.

To my great surprise when I advertised it on E-bay it sold very quickly and the man that bought it has since spent over $40,000.00 USD with me over the past three years. All the things he has bought from me are for his wife - he must love her very much indeed. This changed my whole outlook about dealing on the web from my side. I find that I can trust the customers that come to my site. By the way the URL is http//   For my first 25 years in business I was selling parts for motor cars in Liverpool, England and trusting 95% of the customers was a big no-no. But that's not the case on the net; I find with my jade that the sort of people who are interested in it are most trustworthy indeed. You can have a look at the people that have written to me telling me how happy they have been with the product and service on http//

But this above is just exercising my fingers. In fact I may well add it to one of my pages, maybe the FAQ page. The real reason you can trust me is that you don't have to, because if you buy something from my site you have to pay by credit card so your transaction is not with me at all, in law - your law in the States. I am just the shipping agent, the deal is done with the credit card company. If there is anything wrong you just write to them and they simple credit your account, then deduct the cash from mine. You can check out what I say here locally by asking the manager at any of your local stores whom you know accept credit card transactions.

Your item can be sent from me by EMS with an Airway Bill number that can be traced on the net once it reaches the States for details. Check out http//

I hope this is of help to you. There is only me here so you deal with just me; I think that is a major selling or plus point, not a minus.

Why is your check out procedure so naff?

That part of the site I had set up by a web-site professional, who at first advised that the way I should go is by way of the shopping cart. You see this sort of check out on the net frequently and it works fine. However it is only any good for a site that has a set range of product i.e., someone selling Rolex watches or similar where they have a range of maybe100 items, a set range that is not going to alter every week or even month by month. The advertisement for the item will cover one or one hundred of exactly the same item. I hope you see what I mean here.

With my products, every item is individual. There are now thousands of them, the range will get bigger as time goes on and it should not be long before there are tens of thousands of one-off items. The advantage for the customer is he or she get the very best choice before making their decision from many unique items. The disadvantage is that the customer has to read the site plus thinking about what they are doing.

If you can imagine, when I announce that I am going away on a buying trip I get a fair few emails asking me for particular items, and then I get emails asking when they are going to be on line, like how long, can you put mine up first etc,. This being the case I have to in many cases sacrifice quality of the ad. and photograph for speed. I am with you here, leaning towards quality and they will just have to be patient. This I am doing to improve the quality of the products I buy, concentrating now buying up-market products. I have been doing this really for about two years now.

With the amount of photos for a particular item, it's the same thing really but apart from that you have to bear in mind the downloading time from the net, especially when considering putting up large pictures. Large photos are really great for seeing the detail, especially on the carvings but they are of little use if people never see them at all because they are too impatient to wait for downloading.

The points you make are really good and many thanks for making them. I do hope that in my explanation I have at least let you know my thinking as to why my site is like it is, at least for the time being. Don't get me wrong; I wish I could make it as you suggest.  I agree it would, for sure, be better if I did but if I accept all your recommendations at this time it would take me in the region of three months to put up one buying tripís worth of products instead of three weeks. Therefore there would be fewer new product.

That's the long and the short of it really.

Why do you live in Thailand, as this leads to possible mistrust of people in one of the main Internet buying areas like the USA?

The answer that I give to my young daughter in the UK who lives with my estranged wife, Joan, is this. I live in Thailand because it is strategically based in between China and elsewhere, cutting down travel expenses a great deal. Therefore it allows me to sell my products at a greatly reduced prices giving me a huge advantage over my competitors in the USA. This is true.  However there is always a but or a however; that's not the whole reason.

My main reason apart from the wonderful life I have here due to the relatively low cost of living, is I love the place. I love the lifestyle, I love the country, I love the people, I love the climate and as a web man I can work from anywhere in the word providing I can get an Internet connection. So where would you live? In a grotty little apartment  in a suburb of Liverpool, England, or a wonderful bungalow in the beautiful countryside of Thailand, with a swimming pool 60yds, away in tropical temperatures all year round, costing the same amount of cash. Perhaps selfish, but please tell me if you would not do the same after you have been ejected from the very nice house you bought in one of the nicest areas of Liverpool.

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