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This is a very sad tale and if you don’t want the rest of your day ruined, then please don’t read further. 

You can click on any of the photo's on the left to get a larger view. 

Those of you who have been reading my stories know how I love living here in Thailand but even here in paradise there can be tragedy.  

On Valentines Day, 14th February, It was a normal day here in Thailand with nice bright sun shin as  I was on my way with Noi and Black to Noi’s 4th driving lesson, driving past the reservoir to the north east of the town when Noi told me that she could see someone who appeared to be in trouble down by the lake. I turned around to go back down the short dirt track off the road leading down to the lake-side where I found two young Thai men administering chest compressions to two very young Thai boys, they where between 8 and 10 years old, the young Thai boys that is. Naturally I offered them a ride to the hospital and the two boys were very quickly laid in the back of my pick up truck with speed and some what with out ceremony.   

While in the back of my pick-up truck I tried chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation quickly to the nearest boy while the one of the young Thai men was working on the other. His poor very innocent looking little face was covered with pond weed looking as though asleep apart from the very partially open eye’s, I am not accustom to looking at the dead or near dead like so many of the fantastic rescue worker in this world must be but at that time I was fairly sure that this poor soul had played his last prank. However despite this I there and then, to my great surprise, I remembered the technique from a school life saving course I took while earning swimming badges some forty years ago. At this time it seemed useless as the boy I was working on was totally lifeless and I had no way of knowing how long they had been fished out of the lake let alone how long they had been under the water.  By then a small crowd of people had appeared - I understood that they where urging me to go quickly to a hospital.   

There were other trucks already there on the site but nobody else seemed to be offering any help, I considered getting them to the hospital to be the best move as I was in no way certain that I was doing any good with my first aid. One of the two young Thai men was in the back still administering chest compressions while I was doing my level best to get to the hospital as quickly as possible without killing us all. I have no idea who this young man was, a friend, a relative - there was no time for polite introductions, as for sure the boys’ lives depended on quick action.   

We had to pass several road junctions that in the normal course of driving are dangerous enough but while going as quickly as possible with the lights on and the horn continually blaring in the middle of the day was, to say the least, a challenge. My years of driving and taking part in Hot Rod races and demolition derby’s where paying off for them in no small manor. I had to turn on to the main road Sukhumvit at the end of Siam Country Club road where in normal driving would have taken in the region of ten minutes but I well knew that these boys could not afford that sort of time, so on the wrong side of the road it had to be. A ‘farang’ turning the corner facing me issued a series of expletives in my direction to which I had only one reply of just two syllables, concerning sex and travel!!  This poor bloke could not of course see the desperate situation unfolding in the back of my truck. I was hoping for a Thai policeman to take notice of the situation especially because I had to make a u-turn on the main road which is not the easiest thing to do normally, let along in a situation like this. Anyway, with my lights on and the horn continually blaring the motor cyclists took the hint and made way.  Is it a fact of life or plain simple Murphy’s law that there is never a policeman around when one is really needed?  

Having passed one further main junction, against the lights, at Pattaya North road we arrived at Pattaya Bangkok Hospital at which time the hospital staff quickly rushed the two lifeless boys into Casualty. 

Noi gave the young man some small cash so he could phone whoever he needed to for whatever and we left, my job done. I felt that I had done all I could possibly do – however, I am a fearful the look on this young mans face really said it all as I am fairly sure that the length of time was far too great for anything to be done for the two victims of this terrible incident. I took them to Pattaya Bangkok Hospital because it was the nearest and quickest to get to. Time, to say the least, was of the essence.  

* * * * * * * 

The very best of news 

Later: At 11.48pm on 16th February 2004  I had the very best news. It was on a late night Thai TV news programme. Apparently both the young boys were revived at the hospital and were then later moved to a hospital in Chonburi, the provincial capital, no doubt because of the cost of treatment at the Bangkok Pattaya private hospital here in Pattaya.  However the doctor was saying that the boys were not yet quite out of the wood yet since there is a strong possibility of brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. I am so relieved that my actions helped, not hindered - and that my mad dash through the traffic did the trick or at least got them breathing again. Let’s all hope for the very best of luck for them both. 

I will let you know here if I get any more information.

This is the scene that I first saw that day; two small bodies being given chest compression by two young Thai men in there early twenties I guess.  

Thai people regularly fish here but not just for sport although there are some who do.  

In the main it's much more likely that they are fishing for their supper.  

Would you dream that such a place could be so dangerous? I have no doubt that these two boys play here all the time.

This is a close up of the same view unfortunately Thai people have little care for their litter as there are many beauty spots that are similarly spoiled by being littered in this way.


This is a nicer view from the same spot looking north. Unfortunately the litter can still be seen.  

This area is about 5 minutes from my house in my truck.


This is the junction of Siam Country Club road  the main Sukhumvit Road.  

It is here that that I had no choice but to take a line down the wrong side of the road because getting on to the main road can take some time, driving normally.  

As you can see in Thailand we drive on the same side of the road as I am used to in the UK.


This is a view looking south from the junction of Soi Nung Papwan or more commonly known as Soi Muslim. 

This is only approximately 200 yard from the previous junction but the traffic is always heavy here at the lights for the junction of Sukhumvit and Pattaya Centre road, known as Pattaya Klang. 

Here I had to make a U turn and head north on Sukhumvit. It was here that I had hoped that I would get the attention of one of the policemen - you can see the police box on the left.


Have you ever crossed a junction against the lights behaving like a real hooligan?  

Well I have to say I have always wanted to and this day I had my chance in real earnest.  

You would be surprised just how easy it was to do but I don't suggest to try it unless you have a real good reason because if you do you can be certain there will be a policeman there watching  you.  

The Pattaya Bangkok Hospital is just out of sight up on the left, set back a little off the road.



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