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About Jade ( Grades) (Quality)

I have been selling Jade for since 1994. I am not a Gemmologist but have seen more Jade that the vast majority of them in this time. For the purpose of buying Jade it comes in many grades, but only two types with different chemical formula. (see about jade for this)  The first is Jadeite and the second is old jade Chinese Nephrite. I have dealt in them both over the years. There are many different wayís to grade Jade depending who you are talking to but I have put together this article as it makes sense to me and I hope it will make sense to you.

There are three things to look for, first is colour & how it got it. The second is translucence. The third is grain & inclusions.

Dear Customers

Please Don't you get ripped OFF because there are so many people who are.

I have been having a look at the auction site's today, which is something I don't normally have the time to do, but today I am having some pictures of my latest stock form my trip  on the 29/03/01 professionally taken in order to give you a better view of what you are buying. So at the moment I have time.

The results of this search are that I have found that other people are lying to you and they are copying off my text. The copying off of my text I find to be a compliment of sorts but please do a little detective work in order to evaluate the truth. For example it costs me approximately $500.00 USD per trip in expenses, air fare, food, hotel, etc. and I live in Thailand not in some part of the states where the expenses would be double at very least. 

Also it's the luck of the draw, you can go and get a very nice selection of good stock but on the other hand you can go only to find that you have been beaten to it by the Chinese, and there is nothing there worth while buying. That's OK you may say the other guy may have good contacts and be able to pre - order. In your dreams it's just about impossible to do this as there are no fax machines. Ok you may find that the big 5 star hotels have them but even the best and most up to date of the suppliers of Jade only dream of such things. 

There is no internet or email. Ask yourself have you ever seen anything advertised on the Net as being sent direct from Burma. Before you go racking your brains the answer is no it's imposable. You have to obtain a government invoice to get the product out of Burma with so much as a bangle, it's the only country I know where the customs search you on the way out. So just popping an item in the post like I do for you is totally impossible. 

As far as the amount of currency ie, the amount of stock you can buy in one trip is concerned you are only allowed to take in $2000.00 USD into Burma. OK I take a little more but there is a limit to how much you can risk. 

The conclusion that I reach is that if you have a vendor in the States saying that he personally travels to Burma to buy the stock, remember he would have to go there every time he buys stock as there is no other way to do it, he is being frugal with the truth. In other words if I charge $95.00 USD for a nice pendant then he would have to charge $150.00 to $200.00 for the same item, just to cover his expenses.

Some of the interesting but misleading descriptions you may read, contain phrases like.

(Old Jade) This might mean Nephrite but then again you should ask the vendor what he means by Old Jade.

(New Jade) This is most likely Aventurine if it's a reasonable piece but I have seen soap stone described as this.

(Chinese Jade) This may mean Nephrite but then again who knows?

Please see my page all about Jade.

Jade is either Jadeite or Nephrite and you will find the chemical composition here. There are no other types of Jade no matter what you may hear.

The best Jade is the most expensive gemstone in the world. Yes Carat for Carat more expensive than diamond. 

Then I see a bangle in deep 100% the same colour Lavender described as A Grade advertised for $55.00,USD. Please get real. The real price in Burma for such a thing would be at least $5000.00 USD & by the time it got to the shops in the States it would be in the region of 50,000.00 USD. This item was for certain B+C or if not C Grade and $55.00 is not a bad price for that.

I suppose the point I am trying to make here is that Real A Grade Jade (jadeite) is not cheap so if you see it cheap then it's not real.

So to conclude the first thing to look for to evaluate whether an item is real or not is look at the price vis-a-vis the description and where it is being sold from. If it looks like a real bargain it's not real. As my old Dad used to say if it looks to good to be true then it probably is.

There is no one on the auction sites who knows the value of jade better than myself, don't get me wrong there are those who I respect that know it as well as myself. 

Grades of Jade

This refers to the type of Jade not the quality.

First : Imperial Jade

The Holy Grail Imperial Green  Jadeite, dark emerald green and translucent. The price starts around $1200.00 USD per carat. Beautiful dark Emerald green, translucent without, or very few inclusions very rare and very expensive.
Second : A

The A grade  Jadeite. Varying in Natural Colour, Green, Red, Yellow,
Lavender Black & White. This is untreated natural stone. However not always
the nicest looking stone you can find. Remember it can be A Grade and look like, well you know what.

Third : B

B Grade,  Jadeite mainly found in Hong Kong treated.

That is to say they take out the impurities and replacing with translucent resin
natural good colour that it will not lose. This is what the world is buying whether
they know it or not. This often has no translucence.
But recently I have seen a massive amount of terrible quality in this range.
My rule of thumb here is if I canít see it, itís OK.

Fourth : B + C

B + C The same as above but coloured resin is added to enhance the colour

Fifth : C

C Grade,  Jadeite treated often badly.
Commercial Quality, It really doesnít matter much treated and untreated you just pay more for untreated. Again it will keep its colour or at least the product you buy from me will.†

Sixth :

Probably not Jade at all of any sort. Probably Quartz dyed.
Dyed horribly for the tourists who obviously wouldnít know it from a stick of Blackpool rock (a holiday town in the north of England) and will probably lose itís colour before it goes through your Customs on the way home. However you do get some nice ornaments in good quality green Quartz.

Seventh : Nephrite

Old Jade or the real name Nephrite. Originally found in China but now all over
the world.
This probably should not be under the last item because you can buy beautiful
dark spinach green cabochons in untreated product very cheaply. Some of the
ornaments & carvings are of extremely high quality and are not that cheap.

Quality of Jade

Translucence  with 1 being the best, 1 to 10. 

Please do remember to take into account the thickness of the item ie, it's a lot easier for a piece that is 1/8th" thick than something that is 3/8th" thick like a bangle for instance. Just about nothing I sell achieves (2) let alone (1) anything that rates a 1 will cost more than $3000.00 USD, even from me.

1 Like glass with no inclusions 6 Excellent but a little lower than 5
2 Like glass with some inclusions 7 Good this mean that when you hold it up to the light it shines through.
3 Like glass with inclusions 8 A little less than 7
4 Almost like glass 9 Some means that you can see some light through some part
5 Excellent 10 None

Lustre and finish, with 1 being the best 1 to 10. 

Just about nothing I do achieves (2) let alone (1). Anything that rates a 1 will cost more than $3000.00 USD, even purchased from me.

1 Like glass  6 Excellent but a little lower than 5
2 Like glass with some Orange peal texture 7 Good this mean over all.
3 Like glass with Orange peal texture 8 A little less than 7
4 Almost like glass 9 Means that parts are not so good
5 Excellent 10 Means the finish is cheap

This doesn't refer to the Grade i.e., the type of Jade it refers to the quality of the piece in the ad. This is just the way I value the item on the Ad. Only very expensive Jade rates a  (3) let alone (1) anything that gets a 1 will cost more than $10,000.00 USD for the smallest item, even purchased from me.

(1) Imperial Jade

A perfect piece is Dark Green with perfect translucence and no inclusions. So rare so expensive. A small piece is worth a Kings ransom. 

(2) Imperial Jade

This you can find carved or in cabochons. With excellent translucency but not perfect with some inclusions. 

(3) Imperial Jade Colour.

The colour of imperial Jade but low translucence with a lot of inclusions but a good carving or well finished cabochon.

(4) High quality Jade

This goes across the colour spectrum. Excellent translucence, excellent colour which is even across the piece, Excellent quality of carving and finish. 

(5) High quality Jade but a little lower than (4)

This goes across the colour spectrum. Excellent Translucency , excellent quality finish and Excellent carving and finish, but one item may be a little off  the standard of (4). 

(6) Medium Quality Jade

This goes across the colour spectrum. Lower translucency but good colour, but may be uneven or of different colours. Good carving and finish.

(7) Medium Quality Jade but a little lower than (6)

This goes across the colour spectrum. Lower translucency than (6) good colour, but may be uneven or of different colours. Good carving and finish. One of these may be a little off the standard. 

(8) Cheaper Jade 

Little or no translucency, poorer carving and finish, colour not as nice as above.

If you would like any more information please donít hesitate to get in touch all the details are above.

All of the above only applies to new ads at the moment. I will try to up date the older ads as time goes on.

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