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A Grade Jade (Jadeite) Jewellery Bangles Bracelets Earrings and Pendants and Jewelry from the Far East. Including Jade Buddha, Jade Kwan Yin, Jade Pi, Jade Carvings, Jade Dragons,  Jade Cabochons & Imperial Jade.


A Grade Jade Pendant (jadeite)
Black Jade (Very Dark Green)
Material Jade (Jadeite)

Jadeite is the Gemological term for Jade.

Colour Very Dark Green
Grade Natural (A) Grade Jade

Each time I go on a trip I very much like to find at least one piece a master piece if you like well on this trip I excelled my self yet again. Right now it doesn't have a certificate but as I get the chance I will get one for it but the rest of my lovely items have been sent to Hong Kong and I was not going to let this one out of my hands.

Now black Jade is not really black at all it's very dark green as is this piece. It's also really quite rare. With this not only is the stone perfect but the carving is beyond compare well only to be compared to Michael Anglo anyway. The carving is of the five mice bring the money to your door for good luck in business etc,.

With a price tag like this I know it's really only going to be with in reach of the very well healed collector however I know that other people will like to see this sort of quality even if it's just a little over there budget.

Like other special pieces that I have it's really a retirement thing. I am in no hurry to sell it for sure it will only go up in price. So when that day comes along it will go on sale in Christy's or some other such auction house along with other pieces in my collection. However you can make me an offer you never know times may just be hard at the time.

Quality (1) For explanation
Translucency This doesn't really apply to this piece but I have put three for the places where the stone is thin enough.

(3) For explanation

Lustre (2) For explanation  


  Height 2 1/4" (58mm,)
Size Width 1 1/4" (33.1mm,)
  Thickness 13/16th" (17.7mm,)
Flaws None
Certificate Yes

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