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No I am not being rude or vulgar, TIT stands for This is Thailand.

First I am going to tell you about today's TIT then as I get time I will add some of the TIT's that I recall in the past, while adding the new TIT's that come along as life goes on. I hope to make them as amusing as I can with out resorting to fiction.

    Now don't get me wrong I love the place or I would not be here but there are some thing you could do with out. 



Today TIT is one of them. A good customer of mine Mr. Calvin from somewhere is the States ordered 4 pendants from me this week & he wanted bails fitted to them all, but when I came to look at the order one was a Polo. Now you can't fit one of my standard bails to a Polo. So I thought here goes I have dropped my self right in it here. Anyway I thought I will go to my local Goldsmiths & see what they can do for me. I half expected them to say (Mai Die) which roughly translated means no can. So OK to my delight I was wrong they said "No Problem" so with a certain amount of trepidation I left it with them. I had also taken another Polo with me to explain what I required. This was one from my Jade with gold range HN8208 & it had a Chinese symbol in the middle for Good Luck or as it is said in Cantonese (FOOK). Well I was asked if I could leave it with them as a sample, big mistake. This evening when I went to pick up the Polo for Mr. Calvin I found that they had done the job extremely well but  to the two Polo's, not just the one that I had ordered it for. Now I have to say that the job was done extremely well & it actually improved the first Polo but with no Chinese Symbol. So no disaster but one of the things that I could have had done without.

    In October 2001 I was asked by my friend Mr. Clive form England if could  get some more of the Silver (FOOK's) pendants that I had made which he had asked me for earlier this year. Now in the first half of the year I was living in Bangkok so I had them made by some of my friends in the week end market where I used to have a stall selling my Jade. However now I am living in Pattaya & it's a job & a half to have to go to BKK with the order then have to keeping going back & forth to check on it. With this in mined I thought I had better find a local supplier. This I did & that job was done well & just about on time. Being some what flushed with success with that one I decided to give them another job that Mr. Clive had asked me to have done for him. This was a 5 pointed star. Now they already had a 6 pointed star in a good design which I had sent a photo of to Mr. Clive for his approval, to which he said yes that's fine & emailed me back with a professionally drawn picture. With that you would think that all would be well, think again. Armed with the original 6 pointed sample, plus the professionally drawn picture I when back to place the order. I was told "No Problem" they will be ready in about two weeks. The two week when by & I went back, yes you guest it problem. They made them & the work was good but they had made the 6 pointed star. I am still waiting for the 5 pointed one in mid November.

Bin Bagged Xmas Eve.

    Now this is a TIE. A lot of you will know that I went home for the Xmas holiday, or should I say where I originally came from which is Liverpool England. Anyway the prim reason for my visit was to see the Kids & this was great as I hadn't seen them since the same time last year. A secondary reason was to get my self a new Visa for Thailand, this I did with out any problem at all. My business visa allows me to stay for up to 90 days before I have to leave, so with my frequent visits to China & Burma I never find myself having to make a visa run.

    Now I don't think I mentioned any of this in other correspondence but for the past 6 months or so I had been having problems with my accommodation back in the UK. For the past 3 years or so I have lived in my ex girlfriends flat in Garston a suburb of Liverpool. This arrangement was made when she took over the flat from me. It was more expensive than her smaller flat but I had agreed to pay the extra rent on condition she take care of my junk & let me stay over the Xmas period while she took up residence in her current boy friends place just up the road. Anyway shortly after the original agreement was made the extra that I had to pay went up, no problem I said I will cover it & so it went on. Unfortunately this year the housing people who pay the Lions share of the rent but not the extra that I was paying decided to give her extra lowering my contribution. I was informed of this from My friend Nick who is the landlord & from my ex girl friend Shell or Shearhell as I now prefer to call her. So I thought that's nice I will get some back that is some of the extra rent that I have paid over the years. Then Searhell informs me that it is her money. How do you make that out I said I agreed to pay the extra & then agreed to pay the extra again therefore honoring my side of the bargain. Well she was adamant that she was in the right no doubt speared on by her many nit wit friends so I made arrangements to pay her a lump sum to keep her happy. This was done through my friend Nick before my departure & all was settled or so I thought.

    Did I think wrong, sure I did. Shell had asked that I bring her some of the copy designer cloths back as they are cheap over here which I did not requiring much space for my stuff as I have all my cold weather cloths at home, I took 15 tops back, some where supposed to be for her the rest where for her to sell. The cost price of which came to 2 1/2 times the value of phone bill form my stay last year so when I handed the said cloths over I made the arrangement that this covered the phone bill thinking that I am doing her another favour & giving her a Xmas present to boot, yet again an agreement had been made or so I thought.

    Shell would pop in of a morning sometimes asking to use the phone, to which my reply would be no problem it's your bill. The first time I said this she said that the agreement was now off but just left it at that. The second time was, yes you gusset it Xmas eve, at which time I was ordered to leave & if I didn't go she would through my stuff out anyway. I at first said no your not on but the idea of barricading  door & being afraid of going out to return &  finding my stuff all over the road didn't appeal, so Xmas eve & Xmas day was spent happily throwing away bin bag after bin bag of all that stuff that I should have thrown away years ago. Having done that I relented having made arrangement to sleep on the sofa in the front room of my ex wife's house. If it had not of been for the fact that I had agreed to look after my youngest while the school holidays where on I would have been on the next plane back to Thailand. Unfortunately for both me & my ex wife she was depending on this so we had little choice but to put up with each other. All in all the stay wasn't as unpleasant as I could have been, although I don't know what will happen next year.

If you think this is a load of old bull & you don't like it or want it just let me know & I will drop it. On the other hand if you like reading about my exploit's please also let me know & I will continue to add more as they come along.

Best Regards Paul

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