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Please donít forget to check the discount on jade jewelry this month. This is me with Noi's son Black

These 3 pictures where taken in January 2001.



Jadeisus is the best site on the net for jade jewelry.

Taken in Minbury BKK 2001

Jadeisus is the best site on the net for jade jewelry including jade bangle and jade pendants.

Taken at my present house 2002

This is my Girlfriend Noi & her Son Black.
There are a thousand shades of green in jade jewelry. There are wonderful shades of lavender in jade jewelry


This is Noi not wearing her jade jewelry

My House today 12/05/02

You wonít find any jade jewelry on this beach.

Looking North to Ko Lan (Ko means Island)

You wonít find any jade jewelry on this beach either.

Looking south to Saterhip

These pictures were taken at low tide at 10am in the morning on a weekday when the weather was a little overcast, well it is the rainy season at the moment. I tell you that because it gets a lot busier on holidays and weekends as many Bangkok people come down for a break.

My Personal History.

I was Born in Liverpool England in 1952.
You can click on any of the photo's below to enlarge.

At this age I didnít know about jade jewelry.

This is me at the age of about 5. Wasn't I sweet, and doesn't life change you?

For my first 5 years. I lived in an ex-Police house in Aigburth, Liverpool with my Mum & Grandma Hough plus the lodger Joe Barrow. Joe or Uncle Joe as I new him was an ex-policeman, who saved my life when I was about 2. I was choking on a boiled sweet. He grabbed me by my feet & whacked me on the back while upside down. Yes I am afraid it worked and I wince when ever I see a child eating a boiled sweets or a lollypop ever since.

My Father

My father's name was John David Baird, although he was always know as Mac even by his mother, Grandma Baird. He became a second officer in the British Merchant Navy with a first officer's ticket by the time he retired from the sea, when I was about 12. He left School at 14 and became a officer cadet in 1937, so he was 16 in the early part of World War 2. His mother told me long after his death, that he had survived torpedo attacks on three different vessels during the war years.

For part of that time, he served on the route between Malta and North Africa. He never spoke about anything like that to me, only ever recounting funny stories about the war years, like running between pub's wearing a colander on his head for protection against falling shrapnel, colander where made of metal in those days. This may have been in some part due to me only seeing him for a few months during the first twelve years of my life, because he was always away at sea. However I have found that the real heroes very rarely speak of their exploits and if you hear a lot of heroic stories first hand they are more often than not vivid imagination. He lived for the sea in those years.

My Mother

My Mother was Phyllis Hough before marrying my father, so for all of you who thought differently, I am actually legitimate. She was educated to Grammar School standard at St. Edmond Girls school in Toxteth, Liverpool. Her dream was of being a Photographer after been a photographic model. She enjoyed being evacuated to Dinas Dinclar in North Wales during the War where the main activity as far as I heard was to fraternise with the Royal Air Force Officers at the local Training Base.

Me (Douglas Paul Baird)

I was named Douglas after my mother hero a British flying Ace Douglas Bader who had taken part in the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. The British were so short of pilots at that time he, somehow, became a Spitfire pilot even although he lost both legs in a flying accident in 1923. He was shot down, captured and then escaped back to England. He then rejoined his squadron and was eventually shot down over France again. Unfortunately he had to leave his legs behind in the Spitfire because they where trapped in the controls. It is said that a Lancaster bomber was sent to drop, by parachute, a new pair of legs for him. The Germans, after many escape attempts, were so feed up with him they confiscated his Ďnewí legs and transferred him to Colditz, the infamous prisoner of war camp. He finally died about 1975.
So why do I call myself Paul you might well ask? Well it wasnít my fault, but that of my Granddad Baird. He started to call me Douggy - a great name for a boy as far as I was concerned, but my mother hated it, so she started to call me Paul. I would much have preferred Douggy as Paul sounds like some poofie lady's hairdresser to me.

I started School at the age of about 4 years at Sudley Rd, School annexe, an old church hall in Aigburth Vale. Our first writing implements where a slate & chalk. At 11 years I had failed the 11+ with honours and then went to Morrison Boys Secondary Modern school in Rose Lane, Allerton. By the age of 13 I decided that I had better do some work so I achieved a reasonable amount of success by the time I left at the age of 16.

First Job

My first job was a food porter at John Lewis department store in the town centre. It started as a holiday job because I desperately wanted a motor bike and bought a Yamaha 50 chicken chaser. While I owned this machine the throttle only new 2 settings fully open & fully closed. It soon dawned on me that I had to keep up the payments so I should have to get a proper job. It also dawned on me that I had better learn how to repair the bike, so I took a job offered to me as an apprentice mechanic.

Second Job

Apprentice mechanic at Harry Sullivan's Church Rd Wavertree Liverpool. This was a 'real' job, which I quite enjoyed despite everyone being a boss! As a form of degradation, I, like everybody else, apart from the foreman Jimmy & his mate Ted where given a nick name. Mine was (at first) was Dougal named after a long-haired shaggy dog on a children's TV program called The Magic Roundabout. It then became Mac Dougal after the MacDougal's self raising flour TV advert. So after that I was either Mac or Dougal & only MacDougal when I was really in trouble: this was, however, most of the time.  Little did they know I was very happy with the nick-name: had they realised this, they would have changed it immediately. I passed City & Guild's exams in motor vehicle technology at Riversdale Technical Collage. However I left to became a counter assistant in a automotive parts shop before finishing my time at the age of about 20 and a half years.

NEW If you want to here some amusing tales of the garage click on this.

You can click on any of the Photo's below to enlarge.


At this age I had barely heard of jade jewelry.

This is me at the age of about 19 - 20

Peter Fonda eat your Heart out.

Would I have been a better star for the film Easy Rider or what?

Third Job

KAR BAR (Bolton) Ltd. A counter assistant earned more that an apprentice mechanic, nearly out of his  time and I didn't fancy the idea of lying under cars at the age of 40. My manager in the Auto parts shop was a man called Alan, I can't remember his second name. He had a red Triumph Spitfire sports car, driving it round Liverpool with driving gloves and sun glasses - even in winter! You know the sort, he probably had a Porsche key ring to put on the bar. He left after I had been there about three months. I was hoping to get the managerís job at that time as I had very quickly learned the job - there was little to learn in reality as I not only new ever component in the shop I could also fit them. However, that was not to be. I had a new manager that I had to teach the job too, a guy called John Harris. Now he was a good bloke - he had left Fords car plant in Halewood recently and amongst other things in his life, he had been an able seaman. I ran the shop, which I was able to do standing on my head, whilst he played with his Sunbeam Alpine car in the side street. The more he played with it the worse it looked. But he did me favours too, like making a mad dash to my bed-sit to wake me up at about 11a.m. on at least one occasion. The reason I was still asleep was due to working until about 3 a.m. in a night-club in town called the Cabin, to boost my income.

Anyway, he left after about a year or so and I finally became Manager, having to manage myself as I was now the sole employee at that branch. It was some time around then I got married to Joan at the age of 20. Not long after that, due to a high wage bill & a low turnover in the whole company, (there where eleven shops in all) the managing director, Howard Hammond, decided to split up the company into 11 different companies with the managing director of each, owning 49% of the shares. I think this was in part due to my asking for a wage rise. At a management meeting I had spoken to the rest of the managers who where in the same boat as me, asking them what they thought they where worth to the company. This I asked them to put on a piece of paper anonymously. Some were such wasocks they couldn't do even that. Anyway at the end of the meeting, I spoke to Howard first putting the rather low amounts on the table from the other managers telling him this is what they thought they are worth to the company. I had saved mine till last, which was 70.00 pounds telling him that this is what I new I was worth.

Fourth Job

KAR BAR (Garston) Ltd. So the new company was formed and, guess what, my first wage was 70.00 Pounds; coincidence maybe. I now had to do it all, apart from the bookkeeping, still managed from head office for a management fee, which related to the profit made by the original branch. Clever hey? Well I think so. In the previous regime we were restricted to the stock we could order from the stock sheets. These where devised by a chap called Geoff Holt, a nephew of Howard. He had been educated at University, and came away with letters after his name, but unfortunately he knew nothing of what the customers wanted, even less about what you did with them or the components.

Soon it was time for the first trip to the cash & carry warehouse. I was amazed by the excellent range you could obtain there and I quickly increased the turnover by a further 50%. This allowed me to employ a manager. From that time, we grew from a turnover of 2,400. pounds a month to about 200,000., sixteen 16 years later. In 1992, I purchased the remainder of the shares from Howard, thus obtaining sole ownership of the company. Then I started to travel to places we were buying stock from, such as Taiwan. I decided to go to a trade fair there to see what more Ďgoodie'sí I could find. A good friend of mine Mr. James Sothill (known to his friends as Sooty ) said he would join me: in fact he organised the whole trip, suggesting that we spend five nights in Bangkok on the way back. Having never been to anywhere east of Turkey I said "yes why not?"  Taiwan was interesting and also shocking. The site of a young man crawling along the gutter in the Snake market pulling a small trolley attached to one of his legs in witch people placed money. Really shocked me, he was crawling because his body was so deformed this was all he could do, it almost reduced me to tears, it's a sight I will never forget. But when I got to Bangkok I was amazed, to say the least. I very nearly didn't go home at the end of that first trip. From then I made it my sole task in life to work towards living out the rest of my days in Thailand. So here I am selling Jade.


Some of the things I have done for charity.
You can click on any of the Photo's below to enlarge.

A hair cut in the Garston Hotel the only one wearing jade jewelry was Michael

The hair stylist was Debby she didnít have any jade jewelry.

I donít think any jade jewelry would suit this outfit.

  Before, during & after. 

This event was held in the Garston Hotel just over the road from the Shop. It was in aid of Give a Child a Chance a local charity run by Radio City one of the local radio stations. That evening we raised over a thousand pounds. By the third picture I must admit I had consumed a few beers. My Wife Joan had been nagging me to get a hair cut all that year, each time I would reply you wouldn't like it when I do. ( she didn't ) We, as a company, also raised cash & collected aid for the Romanian orphanages after the fall of Caucescu. One of my drivers, Lynn, made several trips to Romania during those days. Most of my staff including me helped collect and load the trucks.

Hobbies & Pastimes

Grass Track Hot Rod

A head in front with A grade jade jewelry. I must have forgotten to ware my A grade jade pendant.
The first one is me Winning, the second is me Crashing.
A grade jade jewelry made me a winner. Racing is not a part of the jade jewelry trade
The winning car equal first in my club in the first year of grass track racing.
Grass Track Bangor Racing.
The first is a Mk 1 Ford Escort & the second is me feeling very cheesed off because my distributor drive snapped when I was in the lead in a Hillman Hunter.


I donít think A grade jade jewelry mix very well with salt waterA grade jade jewelry is very hard but also brittle.

John has no jade jewelryJoan has no jade jewelry

You donít find a lot of A grade jade jewelry at sea.I left my A Grade jade pendant in the room.

The first two are a delivery cruise I still have the plate which was awarded to me by the skipper having won the flotilla at the end of the cruise, The second two are a holiday with my wife Joan she is at the rear of the photo and youngest son, John.

Motorcycle Enduro in Wales.

Because grade jade jewelry is brittle it will not stand up to this. Wales is not famous for A grade jade jewelry.
I needed protection from my A grade jade jewelry.  

Various Enduro events in Wales with my good friend Nick Banks. 

Nick is the main force behind the Tour of Wales one of the premier events in the Enduro Calendar in the UK. I used to help him pick & mark routes through Clocaenog Forrest near Ruthin North Wales. Entrants to the 6 day International Enduro have come from our club. Andrew Evans who despite suffering a broken pelvis in day 2 completed the event about 1996-7. The last picture is just before I had a nasty accident 1 hour into the Welsh 2 day event in 1998. I received a suspected broken neck and a badly dislocated shoulder having hit a foot thick Oak gate post & steel farm gate at about 40 - 50 MPH. However that was nothing compared to the poor bloke that wiped his face out on the dry stone wall a few minutes later, after having hit the same invisible thing that I did. So I ended up marshalling and getting the ambulance for him that had been ordered for me.



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