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15th December 2004  

Yorky’s Christmas party for the orphaned Children suffering with HIV. 

This event was organized by the UK Club of Pattaya. The president is Ron Hall. 

This is what it's all about. One of my special friends NOOT.

That morning I had been having trouble with sending email and also the day before. I use two servers and both were giving me the same problem, just returning anything I sent. So using pure logic I guessed that the problem was outside but if you experience such a problem it’s usually sorted within a day and doesn’t normally run into the next day. I tried the phone and as you well know that can be bad enough in the west but here with the language difference it’s just about impossible. Time was running short as I had to get to the party for the children so I decided to drop into the local server’s office down on Pattaya 3rd road to see what they had to say for themselves despite the fact the problem seemed to be cured before I left. Thinking that while I was there I could pay the bill and save a further visit. My problem with the email was nation wide, don’t ask what, who knows somebody flicked a switch they shouldn’t have I guess. Also I was too early to pay my bill as well so that was a good start to the day! 

Eileen, Normans wife in the yellow top sorting  the food.

Not to worry, I was off to collect my friend Tony for a late breakfast before the festivities started. When I arrived he was just finishing listing some of his items on Ebay. That taken care of and we were of to Yorky's on the Jomtiem Beach Road. The proprietors of Yorkies are Norman and Eileen. Norman is a Yorkshire butcher who makes and distributes sausages, pie’s and all else that you associate with a first class butcher. Unfortunately on this day he was absent due to business pressures having to make a trip to Bangkok, so Eileen was in sole charge of the proceedings and a very good job she did.

A few songs they must be kept busy learning them all.

I think Santa Clause has been on one of the diets that I get adverts for at least 10 times very day.

Both Tony and myself started off with a large English breakfast, number two, which has beans instead of tomatoes. Very good it is too. Very soon afterwards, everyone arrived with George leading the way. Unfortunately Fr, G couldn’t attend as he was very busy preparing for the opening of the new building on the 16th of December. However there where eight new faces, student nurses from Utah in the States. The Children soon settled down to a delicious meal of fried chicken and the trimmings. One of my little friends decided that she wanted to sit next to me and gave some of the nurses a little concern that she was bothering other customers, “Not so” I said “she is my special friend and she come to see me every time I turn up at one of these events.”

The young lady's in the for ground are trainee nurses from Utah.

 Soon it was time for Santa to arrive looking very much like he could do with a few of Yorky’s breakfasts. However that was no trouble for the children. For sure you could warm your hands on their smiles as they received their individual gifts. There was much excitement and glee and that’s just how it should be. They gave us all a very good rendition of a few Christmas carols which I only wish I could have recorded for you. One day I will get around to that.

My friend Tony in the white shirt to the let of the photo.

All the eating and presents done it was off to the beach just across the road. I didn’t stick my toe in myself but it if was a little chilly they didn’t show it having a delightful time with old tyre inner tubes.

That's what I call a Christmas Party.

 At that time I had to leave to collect my young boy, Black, from school.

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