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   Poor Stupid Girl  

                                Date March 2002

Dear Friends

    First I have to make my stance very clear on this before you think I am into this sort of stuff. I hate illegal drugs and the people that push them. In particular the people who push them for high profit. I believe people should be allowed to do there own thing provided it doesn't hurt others.

    I live in a small (Soi) road where there are 3 occupied houses, at the end there is a lady that has a young boy of about 15yr's. This lady is deaf but she earns just enough to get by as a maid of some sorts. Then there is the house that my Swiss friend Michel has he lives with his gatoy (lady boy) Girlfriend Puen and her sister/ brother another gatoy. Pun looks after him as a wife and at the moment Michel has been in Switzerland for about 2 months earning some cash as a computer programmer. The other gatoy is a maid in a restaurant not far away. Now it's not my thing but live & let live is how I look at it. Now there is also another sister genuine sister a very sweet innocent 15yr's old genuine girl and don't ask how I know I was told alright,  who doesn't smoke doesn't drink and is too young to even have, ever had a boy friend. I see her and the young boy up the road playing like kids in the soi every day. This young girl, Rung is her name has no where else to go her parents are both dead someone should pay for her to go to school but instead she works as an unpaid maid for her brothers / sisters. A bit of a Cinderella situation.

    Thai People like to sing Karaoke and is often the case my girlfriend Noi goes next door to sing along. She is 29 doesn't smoke doesn't drink and hates pills like me. Now there is another friend of the sisters etc, next door a sort of gatoy who can't quite make up his mind. Michel has thrown this one out before but in his absence he / she has returned. These are not however the villains of the piece the villain is yet another lady boy yet another Puen. I have only seen her coming and going a few times but she is the one with the pills this is a friend on Michel's girl friend.

    He / She is apparently dealing in drugs (amphetamines) or as it is known locally Yar Bar, meaning Medicine Mad after the usual Karaoke session last night 23/03/02  Noi my girlfriend had returned home at about 10.00pm, which is just about her bed time. Later about midnight apparently an under cover police officer call at that address trying to buy drugs so Rung being so young and stupid said yes OK here you are, thinking she was doing her sisters a favour, At that point she was immediately arrested for dealing in drugs. At the time I was flat on my back down stares in the living room have only got out of hospital at about midday that day having had an operation on my collar bone the night before. If you want to know how that came about see the story under the Enduro. OK you have to know the people you are dealing with here a lot of you may well say, and I don't blame the police she got what she deserves. She is now in the Monkey house as it's known locally 15yr's old innocent as a baby just doing what she had been told to do by her elders. Stupid yes but in the Monkey house with all the hardened criminals No. I am going to try and see the arresting officer tomorrow and see if I can possibly explain who and what she is, trying to get him to go after the friend the real villain of the piece Puen.

The next day.

    Apparently it will cost over $1000.00 USD to get her out of the Monkey house but if some sense doesn't come to bear she will still serve jail time, but at least this will be in a female  juvenile prison not just thrown in with the other lot, men and women. If you read this and it saddens you as it dose me I would love to hear your comments. I have to add that the villain of the piece is no where to be seen and that the police seem to have been doing just what they should do, but if there was ever a miscarriage of justice this in my opinion is it. Even if she realised what was doing on which I doubt she had no where to go and was in no way livening the high life that this sort of thing brings, just being given a roof over her head and food.

    Today the 26/03/02 I was up at 5am to go and see the arresting officer a policeman Sumite, Noi and I had been told by the custody officer yesterday that he goes on duty at 6am this morning. Wrong he starts his next duty at 0.01am tomorrow. I am also told that by Noi that me putting my nose in may only serve to put her bail up. She may indeed be moved today to a large prison in Chonburi town.

  I have found out today 29/03/02 from the Thai Lawyer's office the following. There where 81 pill's found so the bail is set at 5,000 baht per pill = 400,000 baht. If Land could be singed over as well the cash the amount could be reduced to 80,000 baht. She is likely to go before the court in about 3 months for sentencing. At the moment she is in some sort of school facility, in England we would say Borstall. I think there is little that can be done as regards her bail perhaps something can be done about her representation in court. What really upsets me here is the guilty one's are free only the stupid one is in Jail.

    Today the 02/04/02 I took Noi to visit Rung the arch villain drug dealer at the juvenile detention centre outside Chonburi. It was easy to find just off the main road. It's a large sprawling expanse with one building after another. All painted white mostly one story high. Noi went in what appeared to me to be the main reception entrance and as luck would have it I was right. Noi was informed that she couldn't get to see Rung as she was not a close relative. This girls only close relatives are her lady boy brothers neither of which has been anywhere near the place. One of these was the friend of the real culprit another Puen he she was the one who had the drugs and made a living from the proceeds. Noi was aloud to buy some extra food for Rung i.e., little treats so she did and we left. On leavening we could see the main distension block a 3 story building with an outer wall topped with razor wire half the height of the building. Noi had been told that her problem was very serious indeed but that she had settled in and had many friends. This girl doesn't need friends like this and I suspect that Noi was only told what would be comforting to Noi. Although Michel has sent me 50,000 Baht, the bail is 400,000 Baht. The older brother says he may be able to arrange bail under the table at 100,000 Baht. This is of little use as even if it could be arranged it would only release her till her court hearing. I am told that it's a big problem to get legitimately paid bail back and I imagine imposable to get under the table bail back. Her only chance is a half way decent lawyer when it comes time for her court appearance, and then all they can do is produce character witnesses and who dose she know certainly her two lady boy brothers will go down well I don't think, then there's me and Noi but I am a frang and Noi will be considered a bar girl (whore) just because she is with me.


Noi and I  visited again today and we where told again that we couldn't see her as we where not close relatives. We where able to leave her some goodies soap tooth past that sort of thing, a luxury in there I guess. We sort of learned that she had been to court and received a 18 month sentence for her crime. Well that's if I understood it correctly. It's not easy I don't speak a lot of Thai and Noi is getting better at English but could not be described as good or anything like it. So that means she will be out about this time next year. I my opinion a stupid sentence for the crime of stupidity. Noi was also able to leave her a short letter in which she invited Rung to come and live with us when she gets out. When I found this out I was a little cross with Noi for not asking me first but the letter would not have read any differently if she had. We where not aloud to visit but no one else has been anywhere near after all these months. So there she is 18mt, detention and a criminal record for drug dealing. What chance dose she stand with little to no education.

Date 28/03/03

Rung is nearing the end of her time now. Myself Noi and Black went up to visit her yesterday, there was some sort of award ceremony being held plus the opening of what was obviously a new building. The new building was as good a large Chicken cope. For the day dressed in bunting but no fox was going to get into or out of this one without a good pair of wire cutters. There where 3 or 4 flangs there along with a few Thai's receiving the awards no doubt as a thank you for raising the cash for the new building. The TV people turned up late, about half way through the ceremony and there where reporters there from the Pattaya Mail a local weekly rag in English. No doubt I will be able to find out what it was all about in the next addition. However the reason of our visit was to pass some toiletries in for Rang. She was there giving out water to the guests but Noi was barley able to speak to here as she was being kept busy and no doubt she would have been in trouble if she had been seen taking to us for too long. We had received a letter from her a week or so ago telling us about this event. I found out this morning that her eldest brother had been in touch with here wanting to marry her off to some one she didn't know at all. He just wants the cash as she has no mother or father, both having died some time ago. I had already told Noi when she was arrested that we would put her up when she got out. That is to be on the 21st of May this year. That means I lose my office but it's time for that I will simply move into the living room.

You have the facts just as I know them. As more becomes clear I will add to this page.

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